ORPHAN BLACK: Why the Emmy Awards are a complete joke and should be ignored.

I never planned to watch Orphan Black. But I kept hearing good things about it.

Finally I relented. I was shocked. It was brilliant.

Here’s this completely unknown actress – Tatiana Maslany – playing 9 different roles/clones – and doing a superb job.
Here are these people who do camera gymnastics and have 4 of these clones interacting with each other in the same room – in the same scene !!
Incredible stuff.

Result: the show has been ignored two years in a row by the TV academy!!! Scratch your head? Slap your head.

I don’t watch Award shows to begin with, but if they ever wanted to completely decimate the very little credibility they now have, they’ve done a perfect job.

Orphan Black 2

Am I saying Orphan Black is everybody’s cup of tea and you should watch it? No. But excellent work and talent should be acknowledged and rewarded.
Especially by those who pretend to do such things.


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12 thoughts on “ORPHAN BLACK: Why the Emmy Awards are a complete joke and should be ignored.”

  1. You know, Emmys only go to shows that are entered as “contestants.” Entry isn’t automatic. If the producers or station don’t enter it, it can’t win. If it isn’t in general distribution in the US, it may not even be eligible. Many shows enter themselves, on their own dime because their company is too cheap to bother. So before you beat up on the Emmy sponsored by NATAS — National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences — there’s a question in my mind if the show was ever even in the running. You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket … and if you aren’t ON U.S. TV. The National in NATAS means the U.S. Sorry about that.

    1. This is the second year it has been ignored. This is supposed to be Art – not a contest. This show has a large following and is a major player in torrent downloads. I can’t think they can just shun it. There are several net postings protesting this obvious exclusion. Not just me.

      1. No, it is not art. It IS a contest. And it is a contest for U.S. television shows. Period. It always has been. Look it up.

        Canada has its own awards for television shows made and shown in Canada as does Great Britain. You are not part of the U.S. Sometimes we forget that and you object. This time, you’re forgetting.

        Everyone who is bothering to object is ignorant of the way Emmys are awarded. National, regional and local U.S. and foreign made shows that are being distributed and shown IN THE U.S. Period. That’s it.

        Garry is a member of NATAS, has three Emmys and a lifetime achievement award from them AND sat on the selection committees for years. This is an American — U.S. — institution. Not Canadian. Not British. Unless it’s playing on U.S. TV, it is not eligible.Period. End of story.

        This isn’t the Oscars. They have different rules.

      2. Game of Thrones has 19 nominations and It is not American made – or based. And the company that makes Orphan Black is entitled: ‘BBC / America”. But if a show is being viewed in the States it shouldn’t matter where it originates. Nor have I seen any suggestion it was being ignored because of this.
        Hey, come on! this is just not right.
        Congratulations to Garry.

      3. BUT Game of Thrones is being SHOWN ON US TV — on Showtime. It is not merely downloaded. The general public can see it.

        EMMY nominations are NOT made by the Emmy organization – neither NATAS or ATAS (East and West coast) branches of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Entries ARE MADE BY THE TV STATIONS SHOWING THE SERIES — or by its producers, its director, somebody else authorized to make such an entry. The Emmy people then select from the entries.

        It is very much a contest, viciously competitive.

        If it is being viewed by download or because of proximity to the Canadian border, IT IS INELIGIBLE. Period. And if it IS being shown somewhere in the U.S., but BBC America did not enter it into the contest, it STILL cannot be chosen.

        This is not my opinion. These are the rules or the contest. Even if you don’t like them, they are STILL the rules. It’s pretty cut and dried.

        There is nothing to argue about. The entry rules are simple and straightforward. Eligibility requires the show be in general release on a broadcast station in the U.S., NOT Canada … and that the station on which it is showing enter it into the competition. Both are requirements. The rest is pointless argument.

      4. IM(humble)O this is still a serious oversight that damages Emmy credibility – and will do appear so in the eyes of the public as well. 

      5. In the big TV series categories, it has always been both incredibly competitive and highly political. So are all such competitions. This is nothing new. It’s just new to you. The only categories in which the playing field is still relatively level are technical Emmys. Maybe it’s a little less cutthroat on the local/regional level, but not much. Sorry to be the one to disillusion you, but reality bites. If you like the show, just enjoy it.

      6. Thank you for all the info Marilyn. I just wanted Orphan to get some recognition. That’s all. Looks like I’ll have to cheer for Game of Thrones now … not that they need my support.

      7. This category is THE most competitive of all Emmy categories. A lot of shows that are very good are not in contention. It’s always like that … has been for many years.

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