8 Jul

William Close & EHC – Performs “Earth Harp Mini Symphony”
Live at Willow Creek

“The Greatest Show on Earth”

July 4 – 13. 2014

Calgary Stampede poster 2014

Founded 1886 (Exhibition)
1912 (Rodeo)

Calgary Stampede bronco

william shatner 1

William Shatner / Parade Marshall 2014

william shatner

The Chucks

The Chucks

Calgary and Stampede

Calgary and Stampede Midway


William Close and the Earth Harp

William Close and The Earth Harp

“Following huge success on America’s Got Talent, William Close and his Earth Harp have continued to wow audiences around the world! Inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright quote “Architecture is frozen music”, Close will be creating his musical installation right here on Stampede Park. Developed in 1999, the Earth Harp is the largest stringed instrument on the planet.”

2 Responses to “STAMPEDE !!!”

  1. Marilyn Armstrong at 10:15 pm #

    I love rodeo. One year Garry and I got to be parade leader at the Shriner’s Rodeo near Boston. The Calgary Stampede, though … that’s the real deal. Are you going?


  2. jcalberta at 11:54 pm #

    Went down there today … go at least once if I’m around. Saw William Close play his Earth Harp. I always go and check the Art exhibits – painting and sculptures. Today was Seniors Day – go got in free. Hot here today – about 90 F.


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