Palm Springs Diary / Part 6: The Living Desert: Part 1: Marilyn’s Merry-Go-Round

The Living Desert

The Living Desert is a Zoo and Botanical Garden … of sorts – with a theme of the world’s Deserts – it’s plants and creatures – plus other attractions. It’s large. You could probably spend the whole day here if you wanted to.

I have to confess though, that I’m not a big fan of Zoos. A lot of the animals don’t seem very happy to me. Just sitting there. Not that you can always tell … I mean what does a happy turtle look like? They don’t wag their tails or anything …

Anyway … still plenty to see.

Zoo map

at the entrance
At the Entrance
Have you hugged your coyote today?
Cactus garden
Cactus Garden
Palm Forest
Palm Forest
In the glade
In the glade

Marilyn’s Merry-Go-Round

Marilyn's Merry-Go-Round

Marilyn's Merry-Go-Round Poster

Rose Lion
Rose roars !
A steed of renown 
Lets' ride !
Lets’ ride !
Yeee Hawww !
Yeee Hawww !

hummingbirds 2

Near by plaque
Nearby memorial

hummingbirds 2

Jackalope /  Zoo infirmary
Jackalope in Zoo infirmary
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3 thoughts on “Palm Springs Diary / Part 6: The Living Desert: Part 1: Marilyn’s Merry-Go-Round

  1. That’s MY carousel. I want it. What amazing animals on that merry-go-round. I think they are the most imaginative carvings of that kind I’ve seen — and I’ve seen a LOT of them. Love the birds and the wings. Totally wonderful and it’s MINE!

  2. I dedicate this to you as a true Connoisseur of Carousels.!
    Wished I’d taken more pictures.

    1. I wish you had too but more, I wish I’d been there 🙂

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