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Palace Pools

At the ‘Palace’ we had 8 pools to choose from. We humbly only used 2. One at a time.

Pool ... like glass, Baby

Like glass, Baby!

Pool ... the lap pool

The Lap Pool … not well used … by us.

jeremy bar

Pool 1 .... Rose

Pool 1 …. Rose

Pool 1 .... Rose too

Pool 1 …. Rose too

Pool 1 .... Me too

Pool 1 …. Me too

Pool 1 .... Me too 2

In water no one can see you’re fat.

Fountain and doves ...

Deluxe bird bath

hummingbirds 2

2 thoughts on “Palm Springs Diary … Part 3: Meanwhile back at the Palace: Part 2: To the Pools …

  1. It really IS a palace 🙂 NICE.

  2. jcalberta says:

    We went swimming every day. A special treat for us … with the heat and the palm trees … beautiful.

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