Over the years I've travelled quite a bit - but I learned to 'live on a shoestring' because I was often low on money. But I learned that I could still enjoy life. And I did. I'm quite happy to travel cheap.

Roses has a bit of a different Idea. Not a 'bad idea' - but different.

So she finds this place called Legacy VillaLa Quinta - near Palm Springs - sort of a gated community of Luxury Condos - that you can rent. This was our 'humble abode' for our week here. Some might not think much of this ?? but it's Palatial Living as far as I'm concerned.

Legacy Gateway 3 ...

Legacy Gateway 2 ...

Legacy Gateway ...

When we got here a Country Music Festival called The Stagecoach Festival was in full swing close by - so a number of the Condos were rented out for this occasion. But after the weekend we pretty well had the whole joint to ourselves - as this 'Off Season' here. It felt like we were living like Royalty.

Legacy Gateway fountain ...

Legacy gardens 2

the entrance

The front door

view from our balcony

Fountain below our balcony

fountain in the eve ...

out back ...

Out back

Rose hiding in our humble room

Rose hiding in our humble room

Quintus Flatulence III

Quintus Flatulence III ... and fountain

Bring my chariot around to the front ...


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