Palm Springs Diary … Part 3: Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley

Palm Springs Holiday Part 3: Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley  

Palm Springs is now part of a chain of about 8 communities that span the Coachella Valley. It’s not possible for me to give a definitive view of the area after being here only one week – but to merely recite my experiences in that brief time.

Palm Springs Area ...

We came to Palm Springs in the Spring because we knew we would wilt under normal hot Summer temperatures which often exceed 100 degrees F. Us Calgarians consider anything above 85 F to be almost intolerable. And the first 3 or 4 days here we were in a comfortable range of 80 F or so. We knew it would get hotter later in the week, but had contingency plans to escape getting roasted.

Coachella Valley ...

Idyllwild, california – an Accidental Visit. 

Our first day of exploring the area led to us getting lost. As usual. And in driving around we suddenly found ourselves heading south up into the surrounding Mountains. We could have turned around – and almost did. But happily it turned out to be a nice 4 hour (?) drive on a circle route that eventually brought us back to Palm Springs – and passed through a rather interesting community called Idyllwild.

I was surely apprehensive at first because this road – though paved – is undivided, narrow and winding – with no shoulders – uphill – with plenty of blind corners. One can only imagine what this trip must have been like years ago when it was just a gravel road.

Palm Springs to Idyllwild ... winding road

As you climb (eventually to 6000 ft above sea level) the temperature drops steadily – and eventually goes from hot to pleasant to downright cold … with snow on the ground. Go figure!? We felt right at home.

When we reached Idyllwild we wuz hungry and stopped at the first place we saw – a quaint and cozy little place called Mile High Cafe – not knowing that Idyllwild itself was a town brimming with shops and eateries. But I had the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten in my life here (and I’m a connoisseur of hamburgers.)

Mile High Cafe ... Idyllwild

Rose at the Mile High Cafe

Rose … ready for vittles

Sign in the Mile High Cafe

Sign in the Mile High Cafe

Road from Idyllwild
On the way back from Idyllwild

Did I mention it was cold up there? – in places – and foggy and windy.

View from near Idyllwild
View on the way back from Idyllwild

 It was a coolish day anyway at times … see them clouds?
But there was still some nice scenery.

The rented mule ... a Ford Focus
Our rented mule … a Ford Focus
Rose ... enjoying the scenery
Rose … enjoying the scenery

 Did I mention it was cool? at times.

Fat guy on a boulder
Fat guy on a boulder
A view ….

Back into town

They get wind here …

We didn’t stop and enjoy the shops and the sights in Idyllwild., but I planned on going back later during the week when it was a nicer day.
And we did.

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    1. It was nice … unusual and enjoyable. I made a note that I wanted to return and look around Idyllwild later in the week – and we did. I didn’t have any real plans myself anyway …

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