Who’s Who Among the Silver Screen Steeds?

17 Apr

This is a Hard Western Fans quiz … if you don’t know your Westerns from the 40’s and 50’s …
Give her a try just for fun …

I only got 4 of them myself.

The Western Film Preservation Society

In my last post I asked the question: “Who was Ben Cartwright or Little Joe’s horse? Or Clint Eastwood or Matt Dillon’s? I know you’ve been dying to know so let’s get that out of the way. According to Bobby Copeland’s “Silent Hoofbeats”, Ben rode Buck, Little Joe rode Cochise and Concho, Clint Eastwood, Midnight and Matt Dillon, Buck. So now let’s test your memory with a little quiz. Can you match the cowboy with his horse?  If your memory is as good as mine is getting to be, you should get at least 3 right.

1) Tom Mix                                                       a) Sonny and Thunder

2) Buck Jones                                                   b) Champion

3) Ken Maynard                                               c) Trigger

4) Hopalong Cassidy                                      d) Tarzan

5) Roy Rogers                                                  e) Tony

6) Gene Autry                                                  f) Silver

7) Lone Ranger                                                g) Koko

8) Johnny Mack Brown                                  h) Topper

9) Rex…

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