walter ... negotiating

Walter ... negotiating ...

Dentists and Mechanics

Dentists and Mechanics have a lot in common.
They don’t know it, but it’s true.

How so?

Permit me to illustrate:

Illustration 1:
I take my car in for an oil change.
The mechanic says: “While I'm changing the oil let be check your vehicle over.”
I stupidly say “OK.”
When I come back later he hands me a list of "problems" he “found” with the car - totalling over $1000 to fix.

I pay for the oil change and leave. I will not be going back.

True story.

Moral of the story: Find a good backyard mechanic.

Illustration 2:

I have a toothache (that won’t go away by using Advil) So I go to the dentist.
The dentist looks at the tooth … then starts monkeying around in my mouth ...
“Hmmmm … mmmmm … *mumble mumble* ...*humming* .... uuuhuhhh ... nnnnnn … nurse! …. better do some Xrays here."
"This won’t take a minute”, he says ...
Over an hour later I'm still there.
Finally: “Well sir, here is what I see … “ hands me a list of "problems" totalling over 7000 dollars to fix – which will take at least 5 visits – between regular cleanings ... of course.

I pay for the toothache and leave.

True story.

Moral of the story? You’re screwed – there are no backyard dentists.

So you book a holiday to Mexico and get the whole sh*tload done over 2 weeks at a 3rd of the cost – and have a nice little holiday as well.

Tequila !!!

Dino and Stumpy ... Rio Bravo 

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