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Default Frames

WordPress is nagging me to renew my subscription.  I want to … but I have a problem with them – They won’t tell me how to remove Default Frames – though I’ve asked them several times.

Default Frames on my images has been a problem ever since I started my blog. Up till now I’ve been removing them manually – which is a pain, but it works. However, recently WordPress made another one of it’s unannounced ‘improvements” to the Toolbar – and I am completely unable to remove them at all.

Unless I place a caption under every image. Which I do not want to have to do. Would you?

I’ve gone on YouTube and tried to follow advice on editing CSS, but I can’t figure it out. Hell I don’t even know how to get in there? I have very little technical ability with this stuff – though it’s elementary to most everyone else.

Below … example of how Default Frames can ruin a blog image


Below: the only way i know how to remove a Default Frame – by adding a caption.


A caption: the only way i know how to remove a default frame

Any help would be appreciated … then I can get on with things.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Default Frames … help please.

  1. dclayton says:

    Don’t quite know what you mean or what you know but I found this site on the net which might help.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Thanks Doug … nope that’s not it.

  2. I assume you’ve emailed them or tried calling them? I;m not techno savvy. Sorry 🙁

    1. jcalberta says:

      Yup … done all that … Thanks Cindy. They don’t respond. ???

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