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Spring in Alberta … the West 

It’s been a brutal winter for many across the continent but today we had our first authentic Spring blizzard.

Winter doesn’t leave easily around here.

We have a tall tale here about some cowboys that go to church one Winter Sunday. The snow is so deep that they have to tie their horses up to the steeple.
During the Service a Chinook come up (a warm Westerly wind we get here at times) and when the cowboys come out they find all the snow is melted and their horses are hanging from the steeple.
I’ve wondered at times if that tale isn’t so Tall.

A day or so ago we had another sudden snowfall – resulting in over 200 accidents around town. We may surely double that today – and I could hear the sirens blaring before I even got out of bed. It’s even worse out on the highways due to whiteouts and such – you often can’t see the lines on the road so you don’t know whether you are in your lane or not. Even headlights don’t help at times.

Spring Blizzard

typical highway in snowstorm

Only blessing is that I don’t have to work today. So I’ve plugged my car in and hope things are better tomorrow. Now I’m going out to shovel the walk.

Up in the mountains they are having a very bad avalanche season and have been warning people about it. Still, 8 people have died in avalanche mishaps. So far.

In all this, somebody sighted a grizzly yesterday – out of hibernation. Guess that’s a sign of Spring for sure.

I’m ready … just have to shovel the snow off my barbeque …

4 thoughts on “First Day of Spring ______ First Spring Blizzard …

  1. Wow. Geez, stay warm!

    1. jcalberta says:

      Well it’s bad all over it seems – down East they’ve had it worse.
      Now .. where did I put the humming bird feeder?

  2. Rick says:

    I need to get up to that part of the world. I hear it’s beautiful.

    1. jcalberta says:

      LOL!!! it is beautiful … but I’m like the News – only reporting the bad stuff! Soon I’ll be whining about the heat.

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