Dusters Down Under: Part 7: Quigley, Down Under: Part 1

I stumble out of the bush … flinging down the worthy ghost of Ned Kelly …
(I never thought he would be so heavy … maybe it’s that armour?)
I’m heading for desert and high country … the lands of crocodiles, the Aborigine, Snowy River, and the Outback …
3 Dusters await: Quigley, Down Under (1990), The Man from Snowy River (1982) and The Proposition (2005), Australian-style: ‘not necessarily in that order’ …  but who knows what the hell else is out here ???
Not me.


“There’s a price on his head,
A girl on his mind,
And a twinkle in his eye.”

“The West was never this far West.”

Quigley, Down Under (1990)

… this outta get some dust in my mouth.

Tom Selleck’s notable (and long anticipated) appearance in a Western worthy of his stature. We can now see why Speilberg wanted him for Indiana Jones – and are somewhat saddened that he hadn’t done more work like this up till now as Selleck seems to be one of those actors who was born to be a Cowboy.
Strange that it had to happen in Australia?




No matter – it’s all good: A Classic.


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5 thoughts on “Dusters Down Under: Part 7: Quigley, Down Under: Part 1”

    1. Hi Cindy! Maybe what you are thinking of is called The Sacketts?? – Starred Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, and Glenn Ford – based on novels by famous Western author Louis L’Amour – which I thought had been a mini-series?? Guess not. I’ll have to do some research. Quigley was a just one movie – unfortunately.

    1. Selleck’s hat: “We call it the “Sharpshooter” … The hat itself is a modified “Tom Mix” style with an extra high crown and wide brim, with that unmistakable over-extended “gallop fold” to create its popular personality! …”
      Baron Hats: http://www.baronhats.com/sharpshooter.htm

      I guess Aussie Bush hats wusn’t around yit. But neither wuz these.

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