Lonesome Dove: How to tell wen yer famus … Part 2

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Lonesome Dove - Woodrow and Gus

Lonesome Dove - Woodrow and Gus 2

woodrow and gus

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The Old Tin Soldier Shoppe


“Even a Ranger cain’t ride on an empty stomach.”

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5 thoughts on “Lonesome Dove: How to tell wen yer famus … Part 2”

    1. Marilyn, Rick,

      I didn’t buy those … not that I wouldn’t mind U.

      It took a mess of backtracking to pick up the trail … but fortunately I employed the best tracker around, Famous Shoes Google:


      There it be.

      I’d sure like to see Garry’s ‘Duke memorabilia’ some time. Some of Duke’s stuff must be collectables for sure.

      Westward HO !!

      1. Holy Cannoli! That one huge price tag. Ye gads!

        Garry has no idea where the commemorative plate has gone to, but I know where the “They aren’t dolls” and belt buckle are. I’ll take pictures 🙂 I wonder what THEY are worth. Yikes.

  1. OMG tell me you didn’t actually BUY those? It would go so well with Garry’s Duke Wayne belt buckle, commemorative plate and two figures — the cowboy and the cavalry — that would be dolls if they weren’t the Duke. But, to be fair, all the items were gifts (from me (the not dolls) and his friend Jack (belt buckle and plate)).

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