The Magnificent 7 Update 2 … project revived ??

Britt (Coburn): “Nobody throws me my own guns and says run. Nobody.”


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‘Magnificent Seven’ Remake Continues With New Writer, But Loses Tom Cruise

DECEMBER 26, 2013 10:00 AM

MGM are leaving no stone unturned in their catalogue when it comes to remakes. With “Robocop” and “Poltergeist” on the way for 2014, and “Road House,” “Death Wish,” “WarGames,” “The Idolmaker,” “Ben-Hur” and more all in development, the name of game seems to reboots over original material. And that brings us to the classic western “The Magnificent Seven.” In the works for a couple years now, the project gained some serious steam when Tom Cruise put his name to it in 2012, with a writer added over this past summer. But heading into 2014, the redo will need to find another star as a screenplay gets more work.

The Wrap reports that John Lee Hancock (“The Blind Side,” “Saving Mr. Banks”) has been brought in to re-write the first draft of the script by Nic Pizzolatto (“True Detective”). For now, it’s just a writing gig for Hancock who has no plans to direct, but with credits to his name including “The Alamo,” “Snow White & The Huntsman” and next year’s “Maleficent,” he knows his way around spectacle. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise has exited the project mostly because his plate is currently full with about five zillion other movies on the go, so he could probably do with one less.

So the remake machine continues on this project, and we’ll ask you this: who do you think can direct or star in this movie and at least attempt to do justice to the original?


My Favorite Westerns: 

I’ve already posted my own fantasy cast which I will boldly match up against anybody else’s projections.
Except for Tom Cruise, of course, who has now bailed out. This leaves a VERY large hole – as casting Yul Brynner’s former role was the biggest challenge of them all.

My Favorite Westerns casting for The Magnificent Seven / Remake:

Yul Brynner … TOM CRUISE

Brynner - Cruise


Steve McQueen - Viggo Mortenson

James Coburn … GUY PEARCE

James Coburn - Guy Pearce

Charles Bronson … WILLEN DAFOE

Charles Bronson - Willem Dafoe


Vaughn - Cumberbach


Brad Dexter - Brendan Fraser

Horst Buchholz AARON PAUL

Horst Buchholz - Aaron Paul


Eli Wallach - Antonio Banderas

O’Reilly (Bronson): “I admire your notion of fair odds, mister.”


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6 thoughts on “The Magnificent 7 Update 2 … project revived ??”

  1. This send shivers down my spine. I knew MGM had a few remakes up their sleeves recently, but there seems to be no stopping them. Especially in their 90th year, they should be celebrating their back catalogue not beginning to mess it up like this. Its a sign that Hollywood is getting stale, looking at the past for future projects instead of taking risks with new material. I know they want a big return, which is fair enough, that doesn’t make it a classic, treadind over the past classics in the process.

    1. Good points.

      Classic Movies do inspire you though. I hope. But how many remakes are inspired? by anything other than making money?

      But I still wouldn’t be surprised if there hadn’t been 2 or 3 people just waiting for Cruise to throw this project down – so they could snap it up. Interest is high. But the more I look at it, it seems like such a impossible task – especially after the colossal financial failure of The Lone Ranger – Producers must be very leery of a Western remake. And just look at what the casting alone might cost you? as you will most likely need Stars to pull this thing off.


      I believe Western fans are interested, but It’s really hard to figure if this thing will ever get off the ground.

      1. I know with cruise on board they would be onto something big.
        The Lone Ranger did break even, which today is seen as a failure sadly. Profit above all else. I’m just really saddened that a classic such as this is being remade.
        There would be a lot of big names up for the parts, like your suggestions. It maybe a very slow burner.

    1. Agreed. As I say, if it was an INSPIRED remake that could somehow take this story further – or pay homage to it somehow – without just exploiting it – I wouldn’t object. I have to accept Cruises reasons for leaving that’s he’s just busy elsewhere, but this project looks so difficult. Apart from casting you need great writing. Very hard to pull it off.
      But I’ve been wrong before. Lots of times.

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