I thought it would be rather easy to throw something together for James Garner. Not so !! Just the Maverick stuff itself seemed like a small industry - with TV Series, spin-offs, Movies, Mini Series ... etc.

Let's get started:

Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend with Randolph Scott / 1957
first Western. Pretty well any Western with Randolph Scott is either very watchable or Classic.

Shoot Out at Medicine BendScott and Garner

Maverick / TV Show

"Who is the tall dark stranger there ... ??"

Why it's Maverick of course ! Most likely Bret Maverick (James Garner)


Mavericks: Bret (James Garner) and Bart (Jack Kelly)

Maverick Banner

Maverick TV Show - Opening Banner

Jack Kelly, Beau Maverick (Roger Moore) Garner

Jack Kelly, Beau Maverick (Roger Moore) and Garner

After Garner left the show during the 3rd Season ...
It just wasn't the same.
Maverick - in Film and TV - went through a few permutations and convolutions over the years and will need to be covered in more depth later.


Garner made a cameo appearance in the Bob Hope Western Comedy
Alias Jesse James.


Couldn't find any pics of James so I'm inserting Gloria Talbott instead. Yeah.

Duel at Diablo: Garner with Sydney Poitier / 1966

Duel at Diablo

I don't know much about this movie .. will have to catch up.

One of My Favorites: Hour of the Gun / 1967

Hour of the Gun

Garner is  scary stern as Wyatt Earp
and Robards is brilliant as Doc Holliday.

Support Your Local Sheriff / 1966
comic talents were exploited often:

Support Your Local Sheriff

Garner, Bruce Dern (in jail) and the awesome Jack Elam


Sledge / 1970

What happens when you mix spaghetti with beef?
You get Sledge.


Claude Akins, Dennis Weaver, Garner

Some decent people in here.


More comedy ...
Support Your Local Gunfighter / 1971

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Lovely Suzanne Pleshette - Garner


Skin Game

Garner and young Lou Gossett team up



Nichols ... I liked it, but it didn't stick


Disney calls:

Castaway Cowboy

Garner probably did more Comedy Westerns than anyone


Not everything worked:
Young Maverick - TV Show / 1979
Starred Charles Frank as Ben Maverick. Really.
Lasted 8 episodes.

The New Maverick

1979 / Made for TV movie attempted to kick-start Young Maverick TV show


Then ... suddenly:
Murphy's Romance / 1985

Murphy's Romance

 ... a gem


Was this a Western ? I believe I spot a car in there.
Garner as legendary lawman Wyatt Earp (again) and Bruce Willis as legendary Western actor Tom Mix,
but I'm not sure.



Maverick - the movie / 1994
Garner, Gibson and Jodie Foster and James Coburn and Graham Greene
and others ...
Garner appears as the much rumoured "Pappy" ...
Gibson reprises Bret.

Maverick Movie

A fun movie - good cast

Then ...

Streets of Laredo - 3 part mini-series ... also a Great Cast:
Garner, Sissy Spacek, Sam Shepard, Ned Beatty, Randy Quaid,
Wes Studi, Charles Martin Smith ...
and Alexis Cruz does a good job as the villain. 

Streets of Laredo

______________________Shepard, Garner, Spacek_____________________
will cover this better - later.

Whew !!!


Maverick: The TV Show
Hour of the Gun
Streets of Laredo

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