OK ... you just made a Western. And you're trying to think of a Title for it?
OH I've got it ! PARALLAX !! cuz it's so Western sounding.

Alternative Title Suggestions - courtesy of My Favorite Westerns:

3:10 to Parallax
Gunfight at the Parallax Corral
Last Train from Parallax Hill

Parallax: possible Definitions - courtesy of My Favorite Westerns:

- a couple of lazy guys?
- a pair of legs, after a night of drinking

Real Definition of parallax (n)

Bing Dictionary
par·al·lax [ párrə làks ]

  1. apparent change of position: an apparent change in the position of an object when the person looking at the object changes position.
    Example: you just got bucked off your horse but before you hit the ground the horse also kicks you in the head, causing you catch a glimpse of your girlfriend leaving in a Cadillac.
  2. angle measuring star's distance from Earth: the angle between two imaginary lines from two different observation points meeting at an astronomical object, used to measure the object's distance from Earth
    Example: when you regain consciousness you are out of the body floating in outer space. You can see planet Earth below you, but before you can yell: "There's my house." you get zapped by two passing UFOs.



Everything in Parallax quacks with Western flavor ... except the name.

Here's hoping.

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