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Goldfield Ghost Town

MFW: Warning: some information posted here may be contrived, fabricated, exaggerated, outright lies, … or attempted humor.

After The Mining Camp Restaurant Rose and I headed toward The Apache Trail … until I spotted a rather unusual looking venue called Goldfield Ghost Town. What the hell, I wanted to get some water anyway … 

Seems somebody rounded up a bunch of old buildings, wagons, mining equipment etc. and built this Western Town.  Turned out to be rather interesting and fun.

Goldfield Ghosttown has a A nice little gift shop and confectionery.

Goldfield Ghosttown 1

Goldfield Ghosttown 2

Below: See that guy standing on the rock? He stood there for 10 minutes, texting somebody – and me without my gun.

Goldfield Ghosttown 3

Below: Local wildlife …

tarantula 4

Goldfield Ghosttown sign

The water tower … and vultures …

goldfield ghosttown water tower and vultures

Below: Goldfield Ghosttown Coffee Cantina and Bakery

Goldfield Ghosttown Coffee Shop and Bakery

Below: Rose resting at the Antique Photography place …

Goldfield Ghosttown Antique Photography

Below: Yodelling or yawning ??
We’ll never know.

Goldfield Ghosttown 4

Below: Goldfield Saloon
What’s the difference between a bar and a saloon?
I can walk past a bar.

Goldfield Ghosttown Saloon

scorpion 4

Goldfield Ghosttown 5

Below: Rose at the Goldfield Walmart

Goldfield Ghosttown 6

Below: Rose in front of the Goldfield Bordelo.

Goldfield Ghosttown 7

What’s the difference between a bordello and a brothel?
Answer: Who cares? (just kidding)

Behind the bordello I met Dutch, the town tarantula.

Goldfield Ghosttown 8

Somebody has definitely been feeding Dutch.

Below: Goldfield’s Boot Hill is also behind the bordello.
Think about it.

Goldfield Ghosttown 9

Not everybody dies with their boots on.

Below: After the bordello we figured we outta go to church.

Goldfield Ghosttown 10


Goldfield Ghosttown 11

Below: the big nuggets are stashed out back.

Goldfield Ghosttown 12

Below: At the jailhouse. The possee will never look for me here.

Goldfield Ghosttown 13

Finally …

Below: Goldfield Ghosttown Bar and Eatery
is an interesting Western style bar with a nice patio deck
and a view of Superstition Mountain.

Goldfield Ghosttown 14

How duz a guy get a drink around here?

Goldfield Ghosttown 15Just sit at the bar.

Superstition Mountain 7

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6 thoughts on “The Apache Trail and Superstition Mountain … Part 2

  1. Teepee12 says:

    We didn’t have those cool vultures and fortunately for my ailing heart, didn’t see any tarantulas or scorpions. Never would be soon enough to see them!

    1. jcalberta says:

      You know, I always wanted to see another rattlesnake. From a safe distance, of course. Nearly stepped on one at Sedona once – back in the 70’s. Just about to put my foot down … and there he was. That’s the only one I’ve seen.

      1. Teepee12 says:

        Garry is TERRIFIED of snakes. I am TERRIFIED of spiders. If we’d seen either, I think we would have been on the next plane home!

  2. timneath says:

    This is great, I would love to go to places like this. Really like your finishing touches to the photos.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Thank you kindly! We did have quite a bit of fun there.

      1. timneath says:

        Your welcome,

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