The Apache Trail Circle Route

There's gold out here all right ...
but maybe it's not in the ground.

After Rose and I escaped Yuma, we bolted across the Sonoran Desert to Phoenix - stopping briefly to gas up our steed and grab a quick milkshake at Dateland oasis.

Come morning Rose had a hankering to go exploring and found a old map of a thing called The Apache Trail Circle Route. I figured (wrongly again ) that this would be just a nice drive amongst some touristy venues in the area ...

Apache Trail Map

See that gray windy road called "88"? That's a gravel road ... with some rocks thrown in ...

Imagine my surprise to find that it turned out to be thousands of miles of driving through sweltering desert over razor sharp boulders in rattlesnake, scorpion, and Indian infested wilderness ... to nowhere.

OK, OK ... I'm exaggerating ...

Things started well ...

Superstiion Mountain / MyFavorite Westerns

Superstition Mountain 

Seems that Apache Trail starts near Superstition Mountain - a nice happen-stance as I always wanted to see that. And as you can tell by the map (above) there is a lot of tourist venues in the area - including Superstition Museum,  Lost Dutchman State Park ... etc. Many other attractions are not even on our map.

Superstition Mountain 4

Jutting up out of the desert landscape Superstition Mountain is indeed an impressive and imposing sight. I can imagine many tales and legends surrounding it - even if the famous Dutchman and his legendary gold mine never existed.

Superstition Mountain 5

Superstition Mountain

The Mining Camp Restaurant

Rose and I were getting lost ... we didn't have a map. So we turned into the first likely looking place to get one. It was called
The Mining Camp Restaurant.

Inside we found a nice gift shop and a large Western style restaurant.

The Mining Camp Restaurant

We picked up our map and took a few pics outside.

The Mining Camp Restaurant 2

The Prospector's Mill ... has seen a better day.

The Mining Camp Restaurant 3

Some of the old mining equipment was interesting ...

The Mining Camp Restaurant 4

Coming up ... Goldfield Ghost Town and Apache Trail

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