Ghosts ... ???

Spirits in Solitary at the Yuma Territorial Prison:

“It seems as if some of the prisoners’ sentences have extended
into their afterlife. Accounts of ghostly activity, both from staff
members and visitors, are not uncommon.
Especially from the “dark cell.””
- from Weird U.S. website:

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park - The Dark Cell

Enlgarged Image - the orbEnlargement -  the orb____________________________________

And if you think that's spooky check this out:

Ambush at Dark Canyon poster

A new Western entitled Ambush at Dark Canyon and ironically subtitled "Death is only the beginninghas released a Trailer (below). Several scenes in the movie were shot on locationat Yuma Territorial Prison.  In one scene (shot in the Dark Cell) at the 1:15 mark, a blue orb can be plainly seen manifesting then moving across the screen, before disappearing, to the right of the actor.

Ambush at Dark Canyon - The Dark Cell


Also found this:

Haunted Moments ~Yuma Prison Arizona ~with your Host Rev Dr. Theresa Koch


Coming up:
Yuma Penn: Wesrerns Shot on Location 

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