Badguys of Western Film … Henry Silva

Henry Silva

Henry SIlva 6

Henry SIlva





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2 thoughts on “Badguys of Western Film … Henry Silva”

  1. The smiling pictures of Silva? I think that’s the only time I’ve ever seen him with a smile. In the movies, it was at best a sinister smirk. Bad guys got the best and juiciest roles.

    1. Silva “grew up in Harlem and quit school when he was 13 years old to attend drama classes, supporting himself as a dishwasher and waiter in a Manhattan hotel” so it says. He hoped to do some serious work, but when he got into film he got type cast as a bad guy. However, this gave him a ton of consistent work over many years. Ironically – just as with Eastwood and Van Cleef – it was Spaghetti Westerns that finally promoted him to top Billing. BUT not here. He could speak Spanish and Italian – and became a big Star overseas – making about 25 movies over 10 years. All in all … a pretty good career.

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