The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting Brad Dexter …

The Magnificent Seven …
Casting Brad Dexter / Harry Luck

Brad Dexter as Harry Luck
The Magnificent Seven

Brad Dexter 5 CASTING Brad DexterThe Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven - Bronson, Dexter, Vaughn
Bronson, Dexter, Vaughn

Let’s call it Luck … bad luck, because sadly, strangely, unfairly, movies often all boil down to that intangible element called Charisma.
You either got it … or you don’t.

The Magnificent Seven

The proof is in the most famous trivia question of Western Film:
“Who was that Seventh guy anyway?”

Even when people are shown his picture …
most people STILL don’t know his name.

Brad Dexter

Playing Harry Luck.

Brad Dexter 10
Against the other members of the Seven … Brad simply fell into shadow.

Oh, Brad Dexter was cast correctly for his part alight – as the cynical member of the Seven who was ‘just in it for the money’.

But most everyone else in the cast was already an established Star (Brynner, McQueen, Wallach) – or moving swiftly up the ladder toward bright daylight (Bronson, Coburn, Bucholz and Vaughn).
Brad simply fell back – and never made it.

Brad Dexter 6

Brad Dexter 8


Brad Dexter / Veljko Soso
April 9, 1917 – December 11, 2002

Brad Dexter 2

Yet Dexter still had a successful film career that spanned some 50 years and included at least 40 movies.

Luck had nothing to do with it.


Casting Brendan Fraser as Harry Luck

Let’s see …

…. a guy who can play a cynical scoundrel with some charm and a smile … ?
Possibly unsophisticated … affable, obvious, open … ??

Who is natural for such a role … ???

BANG !!!

Brendan Fraser

Dead on.

Brendan Fraser

“I would act whether or not I was paid.
I would be involved in ensemble groups.

I would have the desire to tell stories.”
~ Brendan Fraser

brendan fraser inkheart 3

brendan fraser the mummy

brendan fraser journey to the center of the earth

Brendan Fraser bedazzled

Brendan Fraser 3

brendan fraser 4

Brendan Fraser 5

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