The Magnificent Seven ...
Casting Brad Dexter / Harry Luck

Brad Dexter as Harry Luck
The Magnificent Seven

Brad Dexter 5 CASTING Brad DexterThe Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven - Bronson, Dexter, Vaughn

Bronson, Dexter, Vaughn

Let's call it Luck ... bad luck, because sadly, strangely, unfairly, movies often all boil down to that intangible element called Charisma.
You either got it ... or you don't.

The Magnificent Seven

The proof is in the most famous trivia question of Western Film:
“Who was that Seventh guy anyway?”

Even when people are shown his picture ...
most people STILL don't know his name.

Brad Dexter

Playing Harry Luck.

Brad Dexter 10

Against the other members of the Seven ... Brad simply fell into shadow.

Oh, Brad Dexter was cast correctly for his part alight - as the cynical member of the Seven who was ‘just in it for the money’.

But most everyone else in the cast was already an established Star (Brynner, McQueen, Wallach) - or moving swiftly up the ladder toward bright daylight (Bronson, Coburn, Bucholz and Vaughn).
Brad simply fell back - and never made it.

Brad Dexter 6

Brad Dexter 8


Brad Dexter / Veljko Soso
April 9, 1917 – December 11, 2002

Brad Dexter 2

Yet Dexter still had a successful film career that spanned some 50 years and included at least 40 movies.

Luck had nothing to do with it.


Casting Brendan Fraser as Harry Luck

Let’s see ...

.... a guy who can play a cynical scoundrel with some charm and a smile ... ?
Possibly unsophisticated ... affable, obvious, open ... ??

Who is natural for such a role ... ???

BANG !!!

Brendan Fraser

Dead on.

Brendan Fraser

"I would act whether or not I was paid.
I would be involved in ensemble groups.

I would have the desire to tell stories."
~ Brendan Fraser

brendan fraser inkheart 3

brendan fraser the mummy

brendan fraser journey to the center of the earth

Brendan Fraser bedazzled

Brendan Fraser 3

brendan fraser 4

Brendan Fraser 5

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