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The Magnificent Seven:
Casting Steve McQueen

steve mcqueen 3

Steve McQueen / VIn Tanner

I haven’t come up with anybody to fill Yul Brynner’s boots .. yet. I’m working on it. But there’s at least one actor that might work for Steve McQureen’s role as the character, Vin.

I’m thinking of Viggo Mortensen.
Viggo has already been in a couple of excellent Westerns: Appaloosa, and Hidalgo.
His breed and his bloodlines are good. But can we talk him into it?
That might well depend on who else we can sign up …

viggo hidalgo

Viggo as Vin ?

viggo hidalgo 2____________________________________________________________________

Viggo AppaloosaViggo Appaloosa 2____________________________________________________________________

Viggo Mortensen Lord of Rings 2

Viggo Mortensen Lord of the Rings

“One Ring to Rule them All”

Yeah … a decent Vin

2 thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting Steve McQueen …

  1. Teepee12 says:

    I do NOT want to see a remake of this. The original is great. It ain’t broke. No need for fixing.

    1. jcalberta says:

      I’m not making it. You’ll have to talk to Tom Cruise.
      I’m just dispensing free advice.

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