My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies … Pardner!

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4 thoughts on “Hombre … Iconic Images

  1. I adore Paul Newman but never saw this one. What’s it about? Is it good?

    1. jcalberta says:

      Well … I’m celebrating it. I like it a lot. Has an outstanding cast: Paul Newman, Richard Boone, Fredric March, Martin Balsam, Diane Cilento, David Canary, Cameron Mitchell, Barbara Rush, Frank Silvera …
      This movie would be worthy of a remake – as was 3:10 to Yuma – written by the same author: Elmore Leonard. But … there was only one Paul Newman.
      Story line is that Newman was taken by the Apache Indians when he was a kid – then later ‘rescued’ and raised in White civilization. He’s a hard bitten character more at home with the Apache than the Whites. But times are changing and the ground is moving under his feet – for several people in the movie – and the patterns of the Force eventually reach an nexus … so to speak. Quite a bit of social commentary about racism …

  2. Teepee12 says:

    This is a great movie. I also find it horribly depressing and so never watch it. Garry watches it alone. Too much stress.

    1. jcalberta says:

      The characters, dialogue, action .. compelling stuff.
      Yeah, I can understand how it might be depressing for some folks. Nobody riding off into the sunset in this one … just fading away.

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