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Hombre … more posters 

Hombre posters 4

Hombre – the Guns

Hombre - the guns

Hombre - the guns 2

Hombre - the guns 3

Hombre - the guns 4

5 thoughts on “Hombre … Bills and Bullets

  1. Ron Clayton says:

    Paul Newman’s rifle is an 1873 Winchester in .44 WCF caliber manufactured in 1909. The bore only looks big because it has a heavy barrel. The rifle was purchased on auction from 20th Century Fox in the 1980s. I purchased it from the buyer approximately one month ago.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Excellent. Thank you. Bet that baby has a kick.

      1. jcalberta says:

        .44 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) is in fact a pistol cartridge, so the rifle does not kick at all. I have video of me and friends shooting it. Contact me via my email address and I will share the videos with you.

    2. jcalberta says:

      Ron … I suppose I should update the info on that rifle? or would you still say IMFDB info is OK?

      1. jcalberta says:

        Sorry it took me so long to reply. Since owning the rifle I have learned that the barrel is not heavy, but is in fact factory standard. Regarding IMFDB, the rifle has been heavily modified, is missing parts, and is damaged. I would be happy to provide you details and photographs. Please contact at my email address shown below.

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