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The Violent Men / 1955

With The Violent Men we arrive at one of Glenn Ford’s better known and more popular Westerns.

Wikipedia says: “The Violent Men is a CinemaScope Western film drama from 1955. It was directed by Rudolph Maté, and starred Glenn Ford along with Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson as a bickering married couple at odds with cattlemen in their small town. Brian Keith and Dianne Foster co-starred. Based on the novel Smoky Valley by Donald Hamilton.”

Richard Jaekel also appears.

The Americano posters

Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford


Glenn Ford 2

Rough Company - The Violent Men

Rough Company – The Violent Men

People seemed to have problems with the title … so they changed it.
I wondered about it myself.

Not a great Western … but a great cast keeps it interesting.

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so moving on …

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