Sweet Vengeance / 2013 … Trailer and Reviews

Sweet Vengeance / 2013

Haven’t heard a thing about this movie – released last January – and seems to have gone straight to DVD.

My gut feeling is that this movie is like a one of those stylized, slickly shot films that are popular these days that are filled with mindless gore … and nothing much to say.

But I haven’t seen it.

Here’s some opinion:

Review 1:

DVD Review – Sweet Vengeance (2013)


“It’s baffling to think any film would find backing based on a terrible script. And yet, Sweet Vengeance exists, another puzzling addition to the host of pictures coming regularly out of America which fundamentally don’t understand cinema. Pictures which in turn beg the question: how did these ever get made?
But it’d be cruel to accuse Sweet Vengeance of being a failure owing to its script only. It’s also horribly directed, lacquered with a heavy sheen of religious symbolism, complete with a plot that eschews logic wherever possible and a cast that’s as hopelessly disconnected from one another as they are from the material …”

Review 2:

DVD REVIEW: Sweet Vengeance


“Revenge westerns are obviously in vogue at the moment, thanks to the tremendous success of Tarantino’s Django Unchained.
Well, if you want a female slant on the genre you better make a beeline for Sweet Vengeance, an entertaining offering that at times proves brutal, funny, moving and straight-up exciting.Packed with great performances, nicely paced and laced with endless stunning cinematography, director Logan Miller’s flick is one not to be missed … ”

Review 3:

OneMetal.com film REVIEW: Sweet Vengeance


” … Sweet Vengeance was terrific fun. Maybe that’s an odd description of a film where people get brutally raped and murdered but this is violence in an almost comic-book style; there is a brilliant scene involving a pistol, a peeping Tom with his trousers down and Ed Harris performing an on-the-street autopsy with his pocket knife which is as amusing as it is disgusting. Slickly directed, well written and superbly acted, it’s 90 minutes of great entertainment that may upset a few Western purists but so what? It’s marvellous … ”

Review 3:
Sweet Vengeance DVD Review


“Ed Harris and Jason Isaacs headline the blood-spattered Western Sweet Vengeance that sits uncomfortably between dark revenge thriller and black comedy. Like a couple of pantomime dames, Harris and Isaacs steal scenes teetering constantly on the verge of parody and deadly serious intent.”

OK … hopefully that gives you some idea …

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