Fay Canyon
Sedona, AZ

(Apology. Our photo library is a bit sketchy. I had not yet discovered that most of the photos
(I thought I was taking) were lost due to my ignorance in how to operate Rose's camera properly.)

Fay Canyon

Fay Canyon  /  Trails End

In Canada I had worked 7 years in road construction - paving.  Mostly on hand crews, shoveling 450 degree asphalt.
It's long hot days of hard, dirty work in the sun. But I was young and fit. And when the temperature hit 90 F, nobody worked.
And in past visits to Sedona, I'd only came in the Fall - to avoid the excessive heat.

Yet here we are in late May and it was hot already. Over 85 F in the morning sun - and climbing.
"1.1 miles" said the sign at trail head.

Not far, but ...

Up the canyon we went. Our time is short and precious.

Fay Canyon 4

Canyon Wall

Fay Canyon Knarly Tree

Knarly brush along the trail ...

Fay Canyon 5

Eye of the needle ?

Fay Canyon Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock

For a far better synopsis of Fay Canyon and it's glories visit
Cindy Bruchman's Blog

Enchantment Resort

Staggering out of the canyon I wheeze to Rose: "I see a cold drink in my future."
It was more of a promise than a premonition.

We chug over to nearby Enchantment Resort.

On the patio we enjoy a fine (and not too expensive) lunch - and several refreshments.

Enchantment Resort - The view from the terrace

Enchantment Resort - The view from the terrace

On the Patio ... the back of Rose's head

On the Patio

Enchantment Resort - Rose and Ivy

Enchantment Resort - Rose / Ivy

Outta here.





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