A Glimpse of the Garden -
Scottsdale, AZ

When we were in Scottsdale, Rose had this idea to go to Scottsdale Botanical Garden (it wasn't high on my list I have to admit - somewhere far below sleeping and watching TV). But off we went - like Canadians in the desert.
Well ... I gotta tell ya, it was quite a treat.

Scottsdale Botanical Gardens

Scottsdale Botanical Gardens

There's humming birds, lizards and other critters in there ... somewhere.

botanical garden big cactus

Saguarro Castus - they don't get much bigger than this ... even in Texas

botanical garden 34

Rose and I .. at an unusual statue. Nature spirit?

botanical garden 30

Beauty to see ... prickly to pick

Montezuma's Castle - National Monument

montezuma castle 14

The remains of an ancient culture

A brief stop at Montezuma's Castle

800 years ago theĀ "Sinagua people ... inhabited this riparian "oasis" along Beaver Creek for over 400 years."


montezuma castle 13

Most of this once extensive structure has fallen

On to Sedona ...

Sedona - Cathedral Rock

Sedona - Cathedral Rock



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