Cactus to Castles …

A Glimpse of the Garden –
Scottsdale, AZ

When we were in Scottsdale, Rose had this idea to go to Scottsdale Botanical Garden (it wasn’t high on my list I have to admit – somewhere far below sleeping and watching TV). But off we went – like Canadians in the desert.
Well … I gotta tell ya, it was quite a treat.

Scottsdale Botanical Gardens
Scottsdale Botanical Gardens

There’s humming birds, lizards and other critters in there … somewhere.

botanical garden big cactus
Saguarro Castus – they don’t get much bigger than this … even in Texas
botanical garden 34
Rose and I .. at an unusual statue. Nature spirit?
botanical garden 30
Beauty to see … prickly to pick

Montezuma’s Castle – National Monument

montezuma castle 14
The remains of an ancient culture

A brief stop at Montezuma’s Castle

800 years ago the “Sinagua people … inhabited this riparian “oasis” along Beaver Creek for over 400 years.”

montezuma castle 13
Most of this once extensive structure has fallen

On to Sedona …

Sedona - Cathedral Rock
Sedona – Cathedral Rock



Saddledome Rise SE, Calgary, AB T2G, Canada

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