American South West

Wow! We're back.
Like most things, you can read about it and watch it from afar all you like ... but until you actually go there and experience it ...
Especially the heat. We're tanned and tired. But it was great (except for the dental stuff).
I now have a mouth full of teeth. Sort of. No gaps anyway.
Modern dentristry has come a long way, but they still haven't figured out how to completely remove the pain.
Maybe I shoulda thot about going to one of those guys who 'puts you under' - anesthesia. Or ... I coulda just drank a bottle of whisky with John Wayne and had him knock me cold.
But where can you find a John Wayne when you need him? Well ... right here!

Lottsa Pictures

We took lottsa pictures - over 400 (not including the ones I sadly lost)
Posting a few for your curiosity:

Sedona - entering from the south

Sedona - entering

Below: the view from our 4th floor room in Sedona - partial. Not spectacular as many vistas in the area, but still nice.

Sedona - View

Sedona View

Sedona - The View 2

Sedona View Too

Sedona - The View 3

Rose and Fountain

Sedona - The Pool

Old fat guy in pool

At poolside Rose and I call ourselves "The Tsunami Twins" - cuz when we jump in the pool the water level rises by several inches and unwary bathers are frequently washed ashore.

Rose - Tsunami Twin #1 - and survivors

Rose (Tsunami Twin #1) - and survivors

 Whew !!! enough for today ...

Coming Soon: completions for Western Movie Badguys: Lee Marvin. 

John Wayne and Gail Russell in Angel and the Badman (1947, Republic Pictures). Filmed in Sedona in 1946.

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