Sedona Trip cont’d … into Yuma


Arrived back here this afternoon. 110 degrees F. You don’t see many folks walking around on the street. And this is just the start of their hot season.

Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park Arizona

It was 95 yesterday when Rose and I went on a hour and a half hike in Red Rock State Park in Sedona (AZ). I gotta tell you that I felt it later. I’d like to just rest a day or so, but our time here is so limited that we are trying to squeeze as much out of the opportunity as we can. We may never get back here again. It’s just a misfortune that my dental work in Algodones (Mexico) became necessary at this time – as we would normally (wisely) come in cooler months.

Sedona Slide Rock Park

We also snuck (hiked) into Sedona Slide Rock Park earlier in the day. Several of the most popular places around Sedona are actually on private land – such as Red Rock Crossing below Cathedral Rock and it will cost you 20 bucks to get in there. It’s worth it if you never gone there before, but 20 bucks is still 20 bucks.

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Saddledome Rise SE, Calgary, AB T2G, Canada

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