Sedona Trip 2013 Day 4 – Travelling Day …

Sedona Trip Day 4
Travelling Day …

We’re on the road for 13 hours – Sedona to Algodones (for more dental work) and back again. It’s not really as scenic drive across all that desert either. OH well …

Absolutely nothing has gone as I hoped or expected regarding my dental work. EVERYTHING has required more work and more time. I’ve tried to be prepared for the ‘the worst case scenario’, but it’s even exceeded that at every turn. Today was no exception. I’d thought I might just get my implants approved and moulds made for the teeth – then they would put in before I left. No Sir. Lots of needles work … and stitches … and all I get is ‘temps’ – temporary implant – and one of the ‘posts’ needs to be replaced. It’s torture – plain and simple. If I’d known what I was in for before I started all this, I might well have reconsidered the whole thing. Yet I’m assured it will all be for the better … in the long run.

You know what … I’m normally a pretty cheerful guy. But this is really testing my resolve.

A lost day … as far as any Holiday is concerned.

But starting tomorrow we get 3 days to have some fun!

Ya !

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