Sedona Trip Day 4
Fay Canyon

Woke up sick. Nauseous. Possibly due to sun, heat, old age, fatness, out of shapeness, injuns ...
Had some breakfast anyway - headed out to Fay Canyon.
The weather Gods are being nice: coolish, mid 80's, slight overcast.
A nice little hike. I had to rest a couple of times though ... a few other people on the trail.
People start asking us how to get to the "Arch". ?? Never knew about any Arch. There's a special trail
to get there evidently ... but we don't know it.

The mysterious Fay Canyon Arch (Below)

Hike is 1.1 miles - takes about an hour and a bit - there and back.

Camera Calamity

I just discovered that I been operating Rose's camera incorrectly. Every picture I took ... didn't take.
Lost a lot of good shots ... can't be recovered. Bummer.
Moving along.

Enchantment Resort

On the way back we decide to treat ourselves .. head into Enchantment Resort - the abode of Movie Stars and other such celebrities ... so we're told.
On the patio we have a nice lunch. Don't see Kevin Costner or Jane Fonda ... or any such people.
Great view though.

Art Galleries

There is a very large art colony / community in and around Sedona; painters, potters, sculptors, crafters ... you name it. Consequently there are a ton of Art Galleries here.
Rose and I spend the whole afternoon browsing through them. If I was a milli0naire I could easily have spent a hundred thousand dollars on wonderful stuff.
But I'm not.
Still nice to see.

We're tired ... jump in the pool for a minute.

Time for bed.

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