My days are starting to run together, but I haven't figured out whether that's bad or not ... yet.

Sedona Trip Day 3

Heading for Sedona

We left Scottsdale and  headed for Sedona ... but for only a couple of day before heading back to Algodones (MX) for more dental chores.
THEN we're back to Sedona for a 4 days. Then ... back to Algodones one more time ... before heading home.
I'm starting to feel a little bouncy.

Montezuma's Castle

On the way into Sedona we stop to visit Monetzuma's Castle - the ancient pueblo ruins/settlement. Despite my previous visits to Sedona I had never been Been here.
The night before I'd had a dream about these ancient denizens and the ruins high on the cliff face. On occasion, I've had dreams about past lives or other such insights/information. This happens to me. I don't seek it our or ask for it. It just happens.

But it's an enjoyable and enlightening visit. We pick up a few souenirs.


Everybody seems to be heading out of Sedona as we're heading in. Memorial Day weekend is closing so folks heading back to Scottsdale and Phoenix.
We find our hotel: Arroyo Roble. Nice.
I hate to admit it, but Sedona has become somewhat of a tourist trap. Sadly.
Out for a walk downtown we know enough now to avoid all the phony Tourst Info places (and the like) which are really Time Share sales kiosks.
I've got a hankering for an ice cream cone - Rose wants a hot dog. We spot a place that claims to sell hot dogs and go in. They want 8 dollars for a hot dog. I ask them what makes their hot dogs so special that they would cost 8 dollars. The poor gal can't answer my question. They also charge $5.50 for a scoop of ice cream. We leave.
That's downtown Sedona.
Also ... avoid the Mexican restaurant with the wierd Aztec name. It's dirty and the food is awful.
Much has changed about Sedona and almost none of it is good. This will likely be my last trip.

But I'm still looking forward to some hikes and getting out in in the area.
That can't have screwed that up. Right?

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