Sedona Trip 2013 Day 2 – Mad Dogs and Canadians …

… Go out in the Arizona sun

Sedona Trip Day 2

My dentistry misadventures in Algodones are on hold till Wednesday. Then they will scrutinize whether I’ve healed enough to proceed with my implants.

In the meantime my pardner (Rose) figured a trip to Scottsdale (AZ) for a couple of days was a nice idea. So … off we went, scampering across the desert, for a 6 hour drive from Yuma to Scottsdale.


Made a pit stop in Dateland … kind of an oasis gas station/restaurant/shop. Bought some sunglasses and a chocolate date milkshake. Pretty good.

The Zona

Got lost in Scottsdale … couldn’t find our hotel: The Zona.

Finally found it after driving around for a hour or so. (Scottsdale is big … and confusing.)

The Zona is a nice place – 4 swimming pools. And modestly priced.

Scottsdale Botanical Gardens

After we got settled in Rose wants to go for a drive around and see if we can find a place called Scottsdale Botanical Gardens. Doesn’t sound like my cup of whisky but …

… what a wonderful place !! Far exceeding my expectations. It’s very large and has an excellent restaurant. Saw lots of wild life there too: hummingbirds, rabbits, quail, lizards, several other species of birds – and plenty of interesting plants, cactus,  flowers … Recommended.

Alright … back to the pool and hot tub to close out the day.


Saddledome Rise SE, Calgary, AB T2G, Canada

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4 thoughts on “Sedona Trip 2013 Day 2 – Mad Dogs and Canadians …”

  1. Looks gorgeous. We were in Arizona a few years ago, except our southernmost point was Tombstone, then we headed north to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. It is gorgeous. It was also August, so it was H-O-T (like 125 degrees every day). Sometimes it was hard to breathe, but the air was better up north. Hope you’re having a great time in between dental work.

    1. Well I’d really love to go to those iconic Western towns: Tombstone, Deadwood … and the like. Not in the cards at this time.
      “H-O-T”. Yes, our own timing is not smart heat wise. In the past I’ve tried to come at cooler times of the year. Was 98 F yesterday. We go to movies during the day t avoid that. Saw Ironman 3 today – was better than Star Trek: Into Darkness – but that was pretty good also.

    1. I want to post some of our own photo shots – but, alas, are unable to do so at present. Later will have to do. Yes the Gardens are great – and had a nice meal there too.

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