Dentistry … Western Style .. Sedona Trip 2013

“This won’t hurt a bit …”

Hey Folks …

I’m off to AlgodonesMexico tomorrow for more excruciating dental work – have 4 implants to put in – among other things.

Then I get to go to Sedona, Arizona for a few days … and drink milkshakes.

So my blog will be slower than normal.  Sorry.

But I have quit my awful 12 hour night shift job … as it was killing me. Literally. Will be looking for something sane to replace it.

Hopefully then, I can blog more consistently than before.

Anyway … it’s beautiful Spring and I’m off for a little adventure … and R&R.

See you soon.

– jcalberta

The James gang
The James gang … didn’t take care of their teeth
Expensive Dentistry
Expensive Dentistry
Painless I tell ya ... you can tell by the skull.
Painless I tell ya … you can tell by the skull
Implements-of-Destruction / Extraction
A Western actors dream - a scene - and a drink with the Duke
Western Painkiller – 100% Proven
Cowboy dental tools – borrowed from the army


Where I buy my milkshakes:

The McDonald's in Sedona, Arizona is the only ...
The McDonald’s in Sedona, Arizona is the only one in the world with turquoise arches. They are not yellow because the city thought they would mesh poorly with the surrounding red rocks. The first color McDonald’s offered was turquoise which the city accepted. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sedona - Cathedral Rock
Sedona – Cathedral Rock
Time for a coffee ...
Time for a coffee …

Saddledome Rise SE, Calgary, AB T2G, Canada

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5 thoughts on “Dentistry … Western Style .. Sedona Trip 2013”

    1. My apology – that attempt at humor possibly sounded rude. I am flattered by your request – and interest in this Blog. But I’m afraid i don’t use Twitter. I’m pretty old fashioned I guess and have not enticed (at this point) to attempt it. I Thank You though.

  1. Thank you !

    Well I’m off a new adventure … and a quest.

    My Quest is to recover my health – which has suffered terribly after 4 years of 12 hour night shift. I have done a lot of different work and jobs over the years, but was completely unprepared for what happened to me on this job. My weight went from 190 pounds to 146 pounds in one year! My fitness disappeared along with it. I kept trying to re-adjust to compensate, but nothing worked. Finally I just had to get out of there. Immediately I am transitioning from night routine to day routine. Hallelujah! I need to get into a healthy routine immediately and I expect to see benefits right away.

    TRANSITION is the key word here. I see it in everything lately – on a world scale, right down to personal levels. Its’ everywhere and in everything. Big changes. And many of these changes are not coming smoothly. Few are prepared. Get with the flow – or be swept away. I am not resisting and will start to take of things.

    Wishing everyone the best as I watch events unfold in front of me.

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