Lee Marvin and Van Heflin 

The Raid (1954) - Lee Marvin

The Raid (1954)

The Raid (1954) - Posters

The Raid (1954) - Posters

Lee moves up to 4th on the Bill

The Raid (1954) - Heflin (right) Marvin (left)

The Raid (1954) - Heflin, Graves, Marvin

The Raid (1954) - Marvin - Heflin

The Raid (1954) - Marvin - Heflin

... a change of plans ...

One Line Reviews: Iain Stott


The Raid (1954)
USA Feature Film
Director: Hugo Fregonese
Writers: Sydney Boehm, Francis Cockrell, Herbert Ravenal Sass
Cinematographer: Lucien Ballard
Composer: Roy Webb
Cast: Van Heflin, Anne Bancroft, Richard Boone, Lee Marvin,
Tommy Rettig, Peter Graves

Fregonese’s fact based US Civil War film, chronicling a confederate soldier’s infiltration of a small town in Vermont as he prepares to sack it, complicated by his meeting of an attractive young widow, is, with its excellent performances and uncompromising scripting, a thrilling yet intelligent examination of the ambiguities of war and human relationships.

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