Google Image Disaster … Update

Dear Readers,

Blog traffic since Google implemented their new “Faster Image Search”

Blog Traffic
Google Faster Image Search – Before and After

Notice any difference?

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2 thoughts on “Google Image Disaster … Update”

  1. Is this today’ss information?

    As of yesterday, it looked like they’d backed off. And they did, but the result is just as bad for us. What I find is our pictures do not show up at all in a search unless you explicitly search using a web address. Google is displaying ONLY commercial or public sources. So if you google anything where we ought to show up, we don’t appear at all.

    1. When i click on an image in their search it still doesn’t refer back to my site. That is not acceptable.
      I noticed another strange thing: when I click on any email that I receive regarding this, it blanks out my screen – I can’t see anything. This has never happened before and doesn’t happen with any other email. ???

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