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3 Amigos

Don’t be fooled by their smiles …

The Appaloosa - 2 amigos

The Appaloosa – 3 amigos
John Saxon, Emilio Fernandez, Alex Montoya

… these are not your friends.

Nothing frames the face like a sombrero …
The Appaloosa - Sombero 6

The Appaloosa – Emilio Fernandez

The Appaloosa - Sombero 8

The Appaloosa – Brando

“There’s a line in the picture where he snarls, ‘Nobody tells me what to do.’ That’s exactly how I’ve felt all my life.”
Marlon Brando

The Appaloosa - Saxon Sombrero 1

The Appaloosa – John Saxon

The Appaloosa - Saxon Sombrero 2

The Appaloosa – John Saxon

“There certainly have been a lot of changes, although they come in such gradations that most people have either forgotten, or, if they’re too young, they never knew about them in the first place.”
– John Saxon

The Appaloosa - Alex Montoya

The Appaloosa – Alex Montoya

The Appaloosa - Sombero 9

The Appaloosa – Alex Montoya

The Appaloosa - Emilio Fernandez

The Appaloosa – Emilio Fernandez

5 thoughts on “The Appaloosa Grande … Amigos …

  1. Reblogged this on filmcamera999.

  2. Hmmm I have never seen this one might have to check it out. Brando looks bad ass even in that giant hat.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Thanks for stopping by. The Appaloosa? One of my favorites but, of course, some folks wouldn’t bother. i think it has quite a bit that people overlook – so I’m trying to re-kindle a little love for it – a fresh look.

      1. Well thanks for the heads up I will see if I can locate it streaming somewhere and check it out.

  3. jcalberta says:

    You made me realize that I should provide that information if i can – about how and where people can see these movies. For instance ‘One Eyed Jacks’ is available to watch for free on Youtube. I’ll try to include in future.

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