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Strangely, in The Appaloosa we don’t get to see the Appaloosa pony all that much – the movie is not really about the horse. But I still wish they had shown him more.  Truly a beautiful animal.
The pony in the movie was named Rojo.

Cojo Rojo

Curiously enough, the recent film Appaloosa (2008) starring Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen also has nothing to do with a horse either. One wonders if the title isn’t a nod to The Appaloosa.

The Appaloosa - Brando
Brando with the Appaloosa – alas, one of the few good images in the movie.

The history of the Appaloosa Horse breed is much too involved to put here, but the Nez Perce Indians were responsible for the North American breed.

Nez Perce Indians with Appaloosa / 1895
Saddledome Rise SE, Calgary, AB T2G, Canada

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  1. That horse was Domino. He was owned by my great aunt who raised race horses and show horses. He won many show awards and was given the title of “King of the Appaloosas” (and once stepped on my foot when I was a kid, to his embarrassment).

    1. WOW. A wonderful comment. Truly was a beautiful horse. And some sweet memories for you I’m sure. (Except for getting your foot stepped on of course.) I see my post has fallen into disrepair – so i fixed it up for you.
      I’ve had a few such experiences myself as my father was a Veterinarian for ‘large animals’.
      Thanks for dropping by. I wish you a wonderful Christmas for you and loved ones.

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