The Missouri Breaks – Gardening in Montana

12 Jan

The Missouri Breaks:
The Hazards of Gardening in Montana

The Missouri Breaks - Nickolson, Brando

Nicholson encounters an unwelcome garden pest

During the entire production Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando were only on the set on the same day just one time, despite their multiple scenes together.
– IMDB Trivia
MFW: This would account for the fact that it’s almost impossible to find shots of them within the same frame.

The Missouri Breaks - Brando 7

The Missouri Breaks – Brando … Regulating

Marlon Brando’s performance was mostly improvised. Arthur Penn eventually gave up on him and decided to just let him act whatever way he wanted.
– IMDB Trivia
MFW: Brando unprofessional behavior became the stuff of movie legend. But he didn’t seem to care. How profoundly this affected his career is hard to say.


The Missouri Breaks – Brando … ruminating

Jack Nicholson didn’t like the fact that Marlon Brando used cue cards while filming. In their scenes together, Nicholson broke his concentration every time Brando shifted his gaze to the cue card behind the cameraman.
– IMDB Trivia

The Missouri Breaks - Brando 5

The Missouri Breaks – Brando … killing cabbage

 “I’d like almost anythin better n bein burnt up.”

The Missouri Breaks - Brando 6

The Missouri Breaks – Brando …

Marlon Brando agreed to accept $1 million for five weeks work plus 11.3% of gross receipts in excess of $10 million.
– IMDB Trivia

The Missouri Breaks - Jack Nicholson 2

The Missouri Breaks – Nicholson … If looks could kill

Jack Nicholson agreed $1.25 million for ten weeks work, plus 10% of the gross receipts in excess of $12.5 million.
– IMDB Trivia

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