Sedona Diary: The Good, the Bad, and the Agony

The Good: a 3 day spiritual seminar in Minneapolis.

The Bad: 11 hours in a dentist's chair in Algodones, Mexico.

The Agony: 3 days in beautiful Sedona, Arizona ... but I can't eat anything.

At Red Rock Crossing - Cathedral Rock

(Pictured: Fat old Western fan: This is my Charlton Heston stance ... notice how I don't really look much like Charlton Heston ... or even Tom Mix.)

Sedona Diary: You can't go home again ...

It's true ... you "can't go home again".

Much has changed since I last visited Sedona back in the 70's and early 80's.
Sedona has changed ... a lot ...  but so have I. I'm no longer the youthful hippie who scrambled elegantly over the Red Rock and swam in Oak Creek as the sublime Arizona sun set.
Yet I knew this would be so: This is a different moment. But it's just as good as any previous moment ... and only a fool misses the value of the day by dwelling on the past. It is what it is ... and I count my blessings.
So despite my dental denials I squeezed as much love and joy out of my precious time here as I could.

Onward ...

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