"Life is hard. It's even harder if you're stupid."
- John Wayne

I figure I'd rather face down the Clantons, the Daltons, and the Waltons ... unarmed ... than sit in dentist chair for even five seconds.

But I just spent 11 hours over 2 days in the dentist office ... and I feel like I've been in several fistfights with John Wayne.

I had teeth pulled, drilled, capped, crowned, implanted, and deep gum cleaning (surgery) ... and a couple of other things. My mouth is full of stitches. Cost me over 7000 bucks ... so far ... and I still have to go back. A couple of actual fistfights with Wayne woulda been cheaper. (But it would have cost me over $20,000 north of the Rio.)

Take care of your teeth folks ... or some day you will pay ... BIG.

The Clanton Gang ... didn't take care of their teeth

The Dalton Gang ... didn't take care of their teeth ...

The Walton Gang ... DID take care of their teeth ... but would you want to look like this?

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