Dentistry … Western style …

“Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid.”
– John Wayne

I figure I’d rather face down the Clantons, the Daltons, and the Waltons … unarmed … than sit in dentist chair for even five seconds.

But I just spent 11 hours over 2 days in the dentist office … and I feel like I’ve been in several fistfights with John Wayne.

I had teeth pulled, drilled, capped, crowned, implanted, and deep gum cleaning (surgery) … and a couple of other things. My mouth is full of stitches. Cost me over 7000 bucks … so far … and I still have to go back. A couple of actual fistfights with Wayne woulda been cheaper. (But it would have cost me over $20,000 north of the Rio.)

Take care of your teeth folks … or some day you will pay … BIG.

The Clanton Gang … didn’t take care of their teeth
The Dalton Gang … didn’t take care of their teeth …
The Walton Gang … DID take care of their teeth … but would you want to look like this?
Saddledome Rise SE, Calgary, AB T2G, Canada

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7 thoughts on “Dentistry … Western style …”

  1. We have a few fellas who still practice dentistry — western style — in our Valley. Just ask my wife.

  2. Must admit I can relate to the dental aspect of this post. I have ever bridge & crown replaced recently due to cavities that had developed underneath them. They had to take the bridges out in pieces after cutting them in half first. The original estimate was $30,000 so I sought a second dentist with a $13,000 estimate. I would up putting out $8,000 to rebuild the right side of my mouth only. I have one pair of mating teeth I use to chew. The rest are cosmetic only for lack of money. Dental insurance is pathetic if you can afford it.

    I’ll bet funerals were much cheaper and more practical in the Old West! I always wondered why we need brass fancy coffins with comfortable plush lining? I though we were dead when they put us in there? Do they come with cable TV & broadband now? 🙂

    1. I still have to go back in about six months. It’s going to take all my money. The alternative is complete dentures – as I have gum disease and some bone deterioration. They claim I can hold things from getting worse (though I can’t reverse it) if I finish my current treatments and get regular ‘cleaing’ from now on. I may be lucky to have any teeth at all.

      “Funerals”? I don’t plan to have one. They can just put me in a blender … or fling me into the gulch. I know I am not this body … but I shoulda taken better care of it.

      1. They don’t transplant teeth so you’ve still got blood and lots of other body parts to donate. If you haven’t seen Will Smith in “Seven Pounds” please do. 🙂

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