Stagecoach … Iconic Images

Stagecoach – Iconic Images
Stagecoach – Iconic Images 2
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Author: jcalberta

Howdy! I love Westerns. ... and the intent of is to celebrate Western Movies/Film - old and new. This site will eventually show my top 30 favorite Westerns - or more. I will have original graphic work with regular updates. All this - and more ... Yee Haw ... !! - jcablerta / Moderator / Administrator

4 thoughts on “Stagecoach … Iconic Images”

  1. Call it what you will, but the stuff looks great.

    What I did was post a link to your site, rather than copy it to my Facebook page. I’ll add a link to your main page as well.

    Bob DeCarli

    1. Sorry Bob, I’m still not understanding a lot of the way this all works. For all my bravado I’m still a greenhorn.

      Thanks – and have a good one.

  2. Did you create these yourself? I think they’re great. I’m going to link to this on my Facebook page, as part of a game where you post a poster of your favorite movie by an assigned director.

    1. Yeah … well sorta. It’s more image manipulation. I search for what I call Iconic Images in these great movies – then modify them.
      It’s mostly a fun project, but sometimes something good comes out of it.
      Thank you for your compliment … and you are free to use the images.
      Wouldn’t mine a reference tho.

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