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  1. Is somewhat poignant end when the crows accept his medecine powers of right to live and share their territory honor his presence right to live in their land after plots go wrong to kill him he must have been a very strong and persistent man in real life and as i am a mt guide i wonder what it must have been like to live 77%of your earthly existences in mt wilderness!? An honor too few today seek or pursue in our 21stccentury world thats cut off from nature i imagine you need meet a close commune with god when if you did this with no backup like they did it!? I take my hats off to you gentleman of the true wild west who could tell a tale or three from real life encounters amazing tough but amazing

  2. This movie moves me it is a last true testament on celluloid to the great mountain men who turned their backs on established civilisation in 18th century america to seek solace and trade furs build lodges in the wildest rocky mt ranges i believe jeremiah had seen experienced his fare share of killing atrocities from tha mexican wars alamo etc when he struck out north to getaway from all this killing its somewhat ironic that he ended up being known as the crowkiller as the crow is tribe sent killer after killer to get him but the fact he won through though having lost his wife

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