Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster

3 or 4 pages to go on Gunfight at the OK Corral.  One page series of short profiles of the actors who have played Wyatt Earp in film over the years.  I've added photos of each actor - which wasn't that easy to do. Two or three were hard to find - especially photos of the actor in that particular role. I can tell you that it sometimes takes hours - even days - searching around the net for material. It's enjoyable - but does take time.

Added a page on the Guns used in the movie, which are usually (not always) the authentic weapons that were used in real life - if it's not a fictional movie. Here we encounter the unusual circumstance of a weapon called the Buntline (Special) which Wyatt Earp supposedly used. In truth, there is no known record of such a gun. And the weapons that were used at the famous Gunfight are well known. It seems people wish to believe in this and it was likely perpetuated by a TV show. ?

more to come ...

Happy Viewing !

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