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Glenn Ford

16 Jul

“The Western is a man`s world and I love it.”
– Glenn Ford




Les Petroleuses … Bandidas …

28 Jun

Rick, if you thot Les Petroleuses / 1971 was “interesting”, then you might wanna look at this …

Bandidas / 2006

It’s almost a copy the Les Petroleuses, but replaces Bardot and Cardinale
with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz.


When in doubt … make lottsa posters.

banditas posters

Not sure about the plot (if there is one),
but the posters look … interesting.

banditas sam shepard

Sam Shepard

My … what a big gun you have …

banditas IMDB

banditas rotten tomatoe

Casting Claudia .. part 2 ..

28 Jun

Claudia at the Top

These aren’t the only posters that were made for
Once Upon a Time in the West.
This batch seems to promote Claudia … and as you see she gets
Top Bill on most of them.

The Professionals claudia 3


That other Western Claudia did? (Rick was asking)

Les Petroleuses / 1971

Starring Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinale 

Wikipedia says: “Pétroleuses were, according to popular rumours at the time, female supporters of the Paris Commune, accused of burning down much of Paris during the last days of the Commune in May 1871. During May, when Paris was being recaptured by loyalist Versaillais troops, rumours circulated that lower-class women were committing arson against private property and public buildings, using bottles full of petroleum or paraffin (similar to modern-day Molotov cocktails) which they threw into cellar windows, in a deliberate act of spite against the government. Many Parisian buildings, including the Hôtel de Ville and the Tuileries Palace, were burned down during the last days of the Commune, prompting government forces to blame the mythical pétroleuses.”

Yeah … well … this doesn’t appear to be a French historical docu-drama.

The Professionals claudia 6

The Professionals claudia Les PetroleusesRenamed Frenchie King (for North American markets?)
IMDB viewers give it a “5 out of 10″ !!
Michael J. Pollard … ?

Yee Haw !!!

The Professionals / Jack Palance

25 Jun

” … Without love, without a cause, we are… *nothing*!
We stay because we believe. We leave because we are disillusioned.
We come back because we are lost. We die because we are committed …”

– Jack Palance as Jesus Raza

The Professionals Palance

Jack Palance Westerns 

Shane 1953 / Arrowhead 1953 / The Lonely Man 1957 / The Professionals 1966 / The Mercenary 1968 / The Desperados 1969/ Companeros 1970 / Monte Walsh 1970 / The McMasters 1970 / Sting of the West 1972 / Chato’s Land 1972 / It Can Be Done Amigo 1972 / The Godchild 1974 / God’s Gun 1976 / The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang 1979 / Welcome to Blood City 1984 / Young Guns 1988 / City Slickers 1991 / City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold 1994 / Buffalo Girls 1995 / Monte Walsh 2003


The Professionals / Richard Brooks

20 Jun
The Professionals Richard Brooks

The Professionals Richard Brooks

The Professionals Rotten Tomatoes review

The Professionals Rotten Tomatoes review

The Professionals IMDB review

The Professionals IMDB review

The Professionals / Marvin

19 Jun
The Professionals Lee Marvin 2

The Professionals Lee Marvin

Marvin Western Filmography 6 The Comancheros (1961)

10 May

Marvin Western Filmography 6 The Comancheros (1961).

Marvin Western Filmography 6 The Comancheros (1961)


Lee Marvin / John Wayne 

Lee makes it to the Top of the Mountain – A Western with John Wayne

The Commancheros banner

The Comancheros banner

The Commancheros - posters

The Comancheros – posters

… But he’s still 5th on the Bill

The Comancheros Trailer

A Western actors dream - a scene - and a drink with the Duke

A Western actor’s dream – a scene – and a drink with the Duke.

Revisionist Postering ... Lee moves to the front/

Revisionist Postering … Lee moves to the front.

The Comancheros - The Duke

The Comancheros – The Duke

Marvin and Wayne

Marvin and Wayne

The Comancheros - The End

The Comancheros – The End


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