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A Man Called Horse (1970)

19 Jan


A powerful and unique movie.
Not a Favorite, but worthy.

Originally posted on Tim Neath - Visual Artist:

A Man Called Horse (1970)A few months ago I was reading a book at work about the depiction of Native Americans in the western genre. There was a chapter that discussed a revisionist western where an Englishman is captured and assimilated into their culture over the course of the film. Observing how this was dealt with in comparison to others in the past which were treated more as rescue stories, returning the captured white man back to civilised society. Whilst also considering the damage that their time with a native trie will do to the individual, will they be scared and damaged as we found this horrifyingly in The Searchers (1956), or should they be abandoned or shot in Two Rode Together (1961), these are just two examples of a discussion that was going on in the 19th century. The effect of one primitive culture on a more advanced one (as we…

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Saskatchewan …

15 Jan

The Canadian West … 

buffalo bar

Sadly, apart from sporadic notable incidents like the Klondike Gold Rush, most
of Canadian Western History was not recorded in any manner.
Nor did we have a Film Industry …

Ah well …


10 Jan


Seems to me that many of the early Western actors were deliberately selected because they were genuine cowboys/horsemen. Somewhere along the line this eventually changed however, whereby acting talent and charisma replaced authentic expertise in the saddle.

Originally posted on The Western Film Preservation Society:

Wild Bill Elliott

Wild Bill Elliott

Part 2: Those Silver Screen Cowboys who were good riders or became good riders

A couple months ago, I started a series on the riding abilities or lack thereof of our silver screen heroes. Part 1 discussed the heroes who really were great horsemen from the start. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and was out of service for 6 weeks and my articles were on the hard drive. Everything seems back normal now and I can continue on with the series. Sorry for the delay buckaroos and buckarettes! On to part 2!

I rate Gene Autry as a good rider and horse person. Some people questioned his riding ability to which he responded: It doesn’t bother me—you are always going to have somebody write stuff like that. What the hell? I don’t know where they get that stuff, though. I was raised on a cattle ranch, and my…

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9 Jan


Richard Jaeckel …. Unique recollections from Garry Armstrong.

Originally posted on SERENDIPITY:

Boston, 1973.

I don’t remember the exact date, but it was warm. We shot in shirtsleeves in the lobby of the TV station. I couldn’t get a studio and was being urged to get the shoot finished as quickly as possible. The “suits” were unimpressed with Richard Jaeckel. James Coburn was the hot interview on the circuit as “Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid” was being pushed by publicists. Richard Jaeckel was very pleasant and friendly even before we rolled the camera.

jaeckel -1He asked about what I did. I gave him a snapshot biography back to my radio days and shooting my own film at a previous TV station. He grinned and said it was good to be working with a “grunt”. The rapport was established.

I mentioned having interviewed Gregory Peck a decade earlier, how well we got along. Jaeckel segued into working with Peck in one of his earliest…

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The Wild Bunch cont. ……………… Casting Call Part 1

6 Jan

The Wild Bunch cont. ……………… Casting Call Part 1.


5 Jan




Slaying the Flu Dragon …

5 Jan


When I was a kid I never used to catch anything. I’d watch as my 4 brothers and sister were falling like dominoes to whatever was ‘going around’. I was kind of smug about it.

THEN … I left home … and started smoking. From that point on I caught everything that existed. Smoking seriously weakens your immune system.

Then … I kept hearing that flu can kill ya. As a young feller, I found that hard to believe.

“From hells heart I stab at thee …” – Ahab

Then … about 4 years ago I caught a good one. It was deadly … started to shut my system down bit by bit … it was in my glands, my sinuses, by lungs … coughing, sweating, hacking, choking … all I could do was sleep and hope it didn’t hit pneumonia. I think it did, but I still lasted it out.

This current edition is pretty bad too – Rose has been coughing heavily for over a week and a half. Can’t shake it. But I think we are finally on the upswing. Maybe in a week we will be OK. ???

Unless it’s one of those damn flues that keep on coming back.

It’s really prevented me from working on my blog because on top of the illness I’m so medicated … full of Drisdan, Codeine, Benelin … so drowsy I can’t think straight … we’ve been trying everything – even turkey soup.


The Flu Dragon

dragon bar

while the company is true

Galadriel / Lord of the Rings

The Dolphin Award

dragon bar

ill be back

ill be back …


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