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“Bullets or fries Sir?”

16 Dec

Rose, my Lady, sent me this story – asked me post it – figuring people might be interested. I am.

Guns, of course, are always a controversy – especially on Western Blogs because pretty well every Western has guns in it – killing and shooting. And I have just been covering Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch.

So this raised the issue. We in Canada, just went through a very controversial period whereby a law was passed to register all guns. Eventually the whole thing failed and the law was thrown out.

We have no such thing here as the 2nd Amendment, though many people feel the same way.

I have no guns. Sometimes when I watch the News I wonder if I shouldn’t get one. Fearing that the world is going to blow up in my face – anarchy and all.
I grew up with guns – us 5 boys and sis. In the house we had 2 double barrel shotguns; one single 12 gauge; 2 30/30’s; 3 22’s; about 3 handguns; pellet rifles …
I was also in the Militia for a short time – Calgary Highlanders. Went to Camp Wainwright: shot FNC1’s; FNC2; Stengun; BrenGun; tossed grenades …
But right now I don’t own any guns – don’t believe I’ve shot one since I left home in 1969.
I like Action movies (if they’re well done) and obviously Westerns. And I play lots of computer games – most have shooting and killing.
But I have no inclination to kill anybody.
Not yet anyway.


“Gold Rush” – a gift from Mark in Worcester

16 Dec

Mark in Worcester, United Kingdom, sent me a link to this Short documentary by Pierre Berton called “Gold Rush” which was “filmed in the 1950’s” and “was nominated for an Oscar.”
I had never seen this before. Very nice.

Thank you Mark! and wishing you a great Holiday Season from over here.

Honouring Canadian Heroes

22 Oct

Canadians are justly proud of our Armed Forces – their Heroism, Valour, Honour and Service – in the 2 World Wars – and elsewhere on this planet over many decades.

Today I honour Cpl. Nathan Cirillo – a Canadian Reservist soldier – who was slain by lone gunman while standing guard on Parliament Hill in the Canadian Capital of Ottawa at the War Memorial.

Cpl. Nathan Frank 1

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo / Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Cpl. Nathan Frank

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo guarding the War Memorial – minutes before he was slain

Cpl. Nathan Frank 2

First responders attempting to save Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Cpl. Nathan Frank 3

Ambulance Services on the scene

I also honour House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers who slew the demented assailant who cowardly murdered Cpl. Cirillo.

Kevin Vickers, parliament's sergeant-at-arms

Kevin Vickers – House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms

Security: Parliament Hill Style - Members of Parliament barricade the doors

Security: Parliament Hill Style – Members of Parliament barricade the doors

My Comment:

Appalling Canadian Security

After 9/11 – and everything that has come after it, I am appalled – APPALLED !!!! – that anyone could get within a thousand yards of our esteemed government buildings on Parliament Hill with even a pen knife.

I watched in amazement as a TV analyst spoke about upgrading security at “The Hill”.


Anybody – you, I, or anyone – could have loaded ourselves up with bombs and guns and entered that building and blown the whole place up.

When a guy can just drive up with a gun – shoot a guard – then enter the Parliament Buildings … That means there is NO SECURITY. Never was.

THEN many armed soldiers, Tac Team, Army personnel, Police officers, and Security are running around the grounds for hours – after the fact – to see if there was anyone else involved. NO CAMERAS – NO SURVEILLANCE – of any kind – that would have easily and instantly shown them if there was anyone else.


That’s Canadian Security.

We STILL don’t get it.

CCR revisited and Yellow River

27 Sep



“… shining down like water … “


Where we come from.

Rose …

14 Sep

Happy Birthday Rose 2014

Rose's Birthday 2014

HO HO Hooooo …

9 Sep

Thot we’d skip Fall this year and go directly to Winter.

This way we don’t have to deal with those messy leaves.

Photos from the internet …

Yesterday I was barbequing … today my garden is dead.


Billy Miner … Part 3

5 Sep

Railroad Bill by Alan Lomax 

Billy Miner … still popular 

Seen Billy

Billy Minor Legacy

The Grey Fox train bar

Seen Billy 2

Billy Minor Legacy 2


Billy Minor pub

Seen Billy 3

Billy's gun bar

Billy Tombstone


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