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Who’s Who Among the Silver Screen Steeds?

17 Apr


This is a Hard Western Fans quiz … if you don’t know your Westerns from the 40′s and 50′s …
Give her a try just for fun …

I only got 4 of them myself.

Originally posted on The Western Film Preservation Society:

In my last post I asked the question: “Who was Ben Cartwright or Little Joe’s horse? Or Clint Eastwood or Matt Dillon’s? I know you’ve been dying to know so let’s get that out of the way. According to Bobby Copeland’s “Silent Hoofbeats”, Ben rode Buck, Little Joe rode Cochise and Concho, Clint Eastwood, Midnight and Matt Dillon, Buck. So now let’s test your memory with a little quiz. Can you match the cowboy with his horse?  If your memory is as good as mine is getting to be, you should get at least 3 right.

1) Tom Mix                                                       a) Sonny and Thunder

2) Buck Jones                                                   b) Champion

3) Ken Maynard                                               c) Trigger

4) Hopalong Cassidy                                      d) Tarzan

5) Roy Rogers                                                  e) Tony

6) Gene Autry                                                  f) Silver

7) Lone Ranger                                                g) Koko

8) Johnny Mack Brown                                  h) Topper

9) Rex…

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Blood Moon … 5

17 Apr

Blood Moon ... png

Dentists and Mechanics …

17 Apr
walter ... negotiating

Walter … negotiating …

Dentists and Mechanics

Dentists and Mechanics have a lot in common.
They don’t know it, but it’s true.

How so?

Permit me to illustrate:

Illustration 1:
I take my car in for an oil change.
The mechanic says: “While I’m changing the oil let be check your vehicle over.”
I stupidly say “OK.”
When I come back later he hands me a list of “problems” he “found” with the car – totalling over $1000 to fix.

I pay for the oil change and leave. I will not be going back.

True story.

Moral of the story: Find a good backyard mechanic.

Illustration 2:

I have a toothache (that won’t go away by using Advil) So I go to the dentist.
The dentist looks at the tooth … then starts monkeying around in my mouth …
“Hmmmm … mmmmm … *mumble mumble* …*humming* …. uuuhuhhh … nnnnnn … nurse! …. better do some Xrays here.”
“This won’t take a minute”, he says …
Over an hour later I’m still there.
Finally: “Well sir, here is what I see … “ hands me a list of “problems” totalling over 7000 dollars to fix – which will take at least 5 visits – between regular cleanings … of course.

I pay for the toothache and leave.

True story.

Moral of the story? You’re screwed – there are no backyard dentists.

So you book a holiday to Mexico and get the whole sh*tload done over 2 weeks at a 3rd of the cost – and have a nice little holiday as well.

Tequila !!!

Dino and Stumpy … Rio Bravo 

Albert Bierstadt …

10 Apr

Albert Bierstadt, Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Albert Bierstadt, Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Albert Bierstadt, Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak

Albert Bierstadt, Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak

Albert Bierstadt, A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt Rosalie

Albert Bierstadt, A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt Rosalie

Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt (January 7, 1830 – February 18, 1902)

Default Frame Problem fixed …

8 Apr


People …

De fault wuz all my own.

The Default Frame problem is fixed – thanks to Fabiana at WordPress.

Thank you also to the Doug and CIndy for responding.

I was very frustrated with this issue and my attempts to fix went on for a LONG time - and really got to me. I was beginning to think WordPress was run by bots or a computer.

Anyway …. now I can do something.


Australian Native“I wuz framed I tell ya!”


untitled …

6 Apr





Default Frames … help please.

4 Apr

Default Frames

WordPress is nagging me to renew my subscription.  I want to … but I have a problem with them - They won’t tell me how to remove Default Frames – though I’ve asked them several times.

Default Frames on my images has been a problem ever since I started my blog. Up till now I’ve been removing them manually – which is a pain, but it works. However, recently WordPress made another one of it’s unannounced ‘improvements” to the Toolbar – and I am completely unable to remove them at all.

Unless I place a caption under every image. Which I do not want to have to do. Would you?

I’ve gone on YouTube and tried to follow advice on editing CSS, but I can’t figure it out. Hell I don’t even know how to get in there? I have very little technical ability with this stuff – though it’s elementary to most everyone else.

Below … example of how Default Frames can ruin a blog image


Below: the only way i know how to remove a Default Frame – by adding a caption.


A caption: the only way i know how to remove a default frame

Any help would be appreciated … then I can get on with things.

Thank you.

Now Available !!!

1 Apr

You can’t make this stuff up …

April fools … it’s true!!!

Waltzing Matilda – history of a song

29 Mar


Very nice job Mate! Thanks for coming around.

Originally posted on Flickr Comments:

Waltzing Matilda , first lyrics were written 1895 in Australia, the title is not related to a dance and not related to a woman. Matilda was the name for a bag on the back of wandering shepherds. The lyrics are related to a sheep-shearer, who was a protester vs bad working conditions. During the protest a barn was burned, some sheep were killed. The protester Samuel Hoffmeister was accused, but he said he was not guilty and made suicide beneath his favorite water hole – where he usually ate some stolen sheep.

Maybe you have an interest to read more at wikipedia. The song became a kind of second national anthem in Australia, was used for the opening of Olympic games 1976, was the soundtrack for a female soccer team (the Matildas) or was used supporting the out-sending of Australian troops vs Iraq etc. In Australia the whole…

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canyon …

25 Mar


canyon 2

canyon 2


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