The Revenant … soon

26 Nov

the revenant dicaprio

Latest Trailer / Preview

Filmed in Alberta and Argentina.
(Never film a movie in a location that doesn’t begin and end with an ‘A’.
Like America)

The Revenant banner

Already generating controversy:
It’s long. 2 1/2 hours.
It’s brutal. People left the theatre during a recent screening.
It has another brilliant performance by DiCaprio. Nominated for Best Actor 4 times. Will he win this time?

The Revenant 6

I say yes.

The Revenant 7

The Revenant 8

The Revenant 9

The Revenant 11

The Revenant 12

The Revenant 13

The Revenant 14

The Revenant 15

The Revenant 16

The Revenant dates

We’ll see.

The Revenant ...

The Revenant poster 1

The Revenant poster 2

The Revenant poster 3

The Revenant poster 4

The Revenant poster 5

Buck Jones / 1938 …

25 Nov

Van Morrison


Buck’s career as a solo headliner was winding down.
But Buck had a lot of real Cowboy in him.
and knew how to Keep his doggies rollin’ …

1938 Overland Express

1938 - Stranger from Arizona

1938 Law of the Texan

1938 California Frontier

cowboy bar



Buck Jones Filmography:
Re-Inventing Buck Jones / The 1940’s


Sandie …

24 Nov

September 1949 – November 2015

Back then ...


Back then 2

The hidden purposes of our journey.

For what you gave and showed us.
Bless You Sandie.

From Brother Doug

Mystery solved … the unknown skater …

21 Nov

A post or two ago I was trying to identify the circled skater
in the old photo below.

Thanks to my Brothers, Chris, Bruce and Doug
for their submissions in solving this mystery !

drumheller hockey 2

Brother Bruce, Wayne Vockeroth, Tom Wright, and Brother Doug.

Brother Bruce writes:

“Jer,  Pretty sure the kid next to me is Wayne Vockeroth we chummed around together for a while. Talking about 30 below hockey I can remember a frozen puck hitting a goal post and breaking in half. Also at 30 below your skates don’t grip the ice – its like trying to skate on glass. Remember playing hockey on the old slough in Brooks? We would play until our feet froze solid and then go back to the house and holler like hell while they defrosted man that was painful, but of course after they warmed up out we would go again. You can’t beat a good time.”

You got that Right Bruce !!! I’d go back in a blink – frozen feet and all.

Andl Wayne – if you’re still out there – wherever you are? – this is for you.

Thanks for the great times.

You too Tom !




Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1937

11 Nov

Buck and the studio have a proven formula
and keep cranking them out. 

But the end is near. 

Sandflow 1937

Sandflow 1937

1937 Left-Handed Law

1937 Left-Handed Law

Smoke Tree Range 1937

Smoke Tree Range 1937

Black Aces 1937

Black Aces 1937

Law for Tombstone 1937

Law for Tombstone 1937

Hollywood Round Up 1937

Hollywood Round Up 1937

Boss of Lonely Valley 1937

Boss of Lonely Valley 1937

Sudden Bill Dorn 1937

Sudden Bill Dorn 1937


Buck Jones Filmography / The End

Remember …

11 Nov

In Flanders Fields


Mysteries and Memories …

9 Nov

Roy Orbison / In Dreams

Sometimes an old photo can raise as many mysteries … as memories.

One day my partner Rose, handed a old photo she had found in one of my books.

Here it is:

hockey brothers

Brother Bruce, mystery kid, Tom Wright , and Brother Doug.

There are several mysteries surrounding this photo.

Mystery 1: Who took the picture? I guess it had to be Dad? I don’t think any of us kids had a camera?

Mystery 2: Who is the second guy from the left? I see Brother’s Bruce and Brother Doug, and our pal Tom Wright. But who is this other guy? ?? Maybe Bruce and Doug will know. I’ll ask.

Mystery 3: Where’s Brother Richard – and myself? We were as fanatical about hockey as Doug and Bruce.

Facts of interest:

  • The year is about 1963. The town is Drumheller, Alberta – in the “Dinosaur Valley”.
  • That’s our house behind Bruce (left). We lived in the new Drumheller “sub division” and were considered to be rich by most kids. The house was fairly modest though. Just new.
  • The rink they’re standing on is in the yard of the Catholic School which was obviously across the street from us. We didn’t go to the Catholic School. We weren’t Catholic.
  • This rink had no boards. Most any hockey in small town Canada was played outdoors –  though many towns did have some kind of covered rink. I don’t remember who periodically watered the ice. But I know who cleaned it most of the time. Us. It’s funny how many other kids would magically appear … after the rink was cleaned. Tots and figure skaters skated at their own risk though – there was a hockey game going on – for certain.
  • Cold? I remember playing hockey when it was 30 below zero. Our feet and fingers would freeze and he’d go back inside – till everything thawed out. Then go back out again. We used gum boots for goal posts. Pucks were occasionally lost in the snow piles off-rink – and recovered in the Spring. We played all day – as possible – and played until it was too dark to see the puck. Lighted outdoor rinks were a luxury.
  • The goal they’re standing in front of was made by Brother Richard from 2×4’s and chicken wire. It was a luxury too. And it lasted about one season.
  • The equipment they’re wearing is really about all we had. Doug (right) is the only person wearing shin pads. (In ‘shinny hockey’ though you’re not supposed to raise the puck. BUT accidents do happen.) Hockey equipment cost money – and we didn’t have any. We could barely afford hockey sticks. The tape on the sticks was not for glamour – it was often the only thing holding the blade together. Skates were the main expense. In the pic, Bruce is the only guy with hockey gloves – which everybody would clearly (and dearly) have worn if they’d had any. Getting slashed on the hands and fingers was common – and painful. NOBODY wore helmets in those days. We got bumped, bruised, cut, and injured … sometimes broken. But we played on. It was our passion.

Hockey in our house was war. Bruce and Doug were fans of the hated Toronto MapleLeafs. Richard and I were Montreal Canadien fans. You can only imagine.

I think you might now have some understanding of how upset I get when I see how Hockey is being butchered these days – for money. No one cares about it’s History – it’s Heritage – it’s Traditions.

But I do.

It’s more than just an idle pastime for people of my generation. It was our life – our lifeblood. And it’s gone.


Update: Jane Got a Gun … sorta

4 Nov

Remember when making a Western used to be a simple thing?
Just ask Buck Jones.

Then there’s this.

jane got a gun poster

The story surrounding the production of this Jane Got a Gun is one of those Hollywood horror stories.


  • The film was shot in early 2013, but will finally be released in February 2016, nearly 3 years after filming took place.
  • Was seeking a release date after the film was dropped by Relativity Media – but they dropped it …
  • Michael Fassbender was originally cast as Dan Frost but he left the project after clashing with director Lynne Ramsay. After Fassbender departed the project, filming was set to begin the next week but Ramsay dropped the project and didn’t arrive on the first day on set. Less than 25 hours later, Gavin O’Connor was hired to replace Ramsay and production was back on track.
  • Famed cinematographer Darius Khondji left the film in solidarity with Lynne Ramsay.
  • After Lynne Ramsay departed the project, Jude Law also left the project a day before shooting was scheduled to begin citing that ‘he signed on to work with Ramsay’.
  • Bradley Cooper was eventually tapped to replace Law. Then Cooper left due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Joel Edgerton took over the role vacated by Fassbender.
  • Ewan McGregor took on the villain character Jude Law and Cooper were hired to play.
  • Lynne Ramsay filed a lawsuit … has recently been settled …


The film is considered to be a loose remake of Hannie Caulder (1971).
(You can’t make this stuff up).

No one is talking.

Here’s the latest … a Trailer !!!! Finally.

But with French subtitles … ???
What the hell is going on with these guys ???

jane got a gun 1

jane got a gun 2

jane got a gun 3

jane got a gun

Crazy thing is …
this might turn out to be a OK Western.


Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1936

3 Nov

1936 – Buck makes 8 movies …

Buck Jones

Sunset of Power 1936

Sunset of Power 1936

Sunset of Power 1936

Silver Spurs 1936

For the Service 1936

For the Service 1936

The Cowboy and the Kid 1936

The Cowboy and the Kid 1936

The Phantom Rider 1936

The Phantom Rider 1936

Ride 'Em Cowboy  1936

Ride ‘Em Cowboy 1936

The Boss Rider of Gun Creek  1936

The Boss Rider of Gun Creek 1936

Empty Saddles 1936

Empty Saddles 1936


Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1937

Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1935

1 Nov

1935 – Buck makes 7 movies …

The Crimson Trail 1935

The Crimson Trail 1935

Stone of Silver Creek 1935

Stone of Silver Creek 1935 

Border Brigands 1935

Border Brigands 1935

The Roaring West 1935

The Roaring West 1935

Outlawed Guns 1935

Outlawed Guns 1935

The Throwback 1935

The Throwback 1935

The Ivory Handled Gun 1935

The Ivory Handled Gun 1935


Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1936

Forsaken (2015) …

30 Oct

More than a couple of people have been asking me when this movie was going to come out. Well … here it is. Should be available shortly.

Release Date: 19 February 2016 (USA)

forsaken banner

forsaken banner 2

Forsaken sutherlands

Forsaken 2015

forsaken credits

Forsaken cast

Forsaken poster

Forsaken poster 2

Forsaken poster 3

Forsaken 2015 IMDB review

Toronto Film Review: ‘Forsaken’

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 | 09:04PM PT

Kiefer Sutherland and Donald Sutherland are cast as prodigal son and disapproving dad in Jon Cassar’s enjoyably old-fashioned Western.

Joe Leydon@joeleydon

If “Forsaken” were any more old-fashioned, lenser Rene Ohashi might have filmed it in black-and-white, scripter Brad Mirman definitely would have trimmed the F-bombs from his dialogue, and the entire enterprise probably would bear the brand of RKO or Republic Pictures. Refreshingly and unabashedly sincere in its embrace of Western conventions and archetypes, this pleasingly retrograde sagebrush saga should play exceptionally well with currently under-served genre fans — except, perhaps, for those with low tolerance for salty language – and likely will enjoy a long shelf life as home-screen product after potentially profitable exposure in theatrical corrals.

TIFF 2015: Forsaken Review

Gala Presentations 

When family members appear on screen portraying characters who share their real life relationships, something special often happens. We’ve seen it with Ryan and Tatum O’Neal in Paper Moon, Henry and Jane Fonda in On Golden Pond, and now you can see it with Donald and Kiefer Sutherland in Forsaken. With over 30 overlapping years in the business, you would think this would have happened already, and while they have appeared in the same movie before, this is the first time the Sutherlands have played father and son. It was worth the wait.

Forsaken is an extremely archetypal western. Kiefer plays a civil war veteran who, instead of returning home after the war, made a name for himself as a gunslinger. When we meet him, this not-so-young gun is attempting to give up his old ways and reconnect with his estranged father who he soon learns is being harassed by a local gang hired to muscle farmers off their land.  You can guess where it goes from there.

The film flirts with cliche at times, while firmly kissing it on the lips at others. Much of it is predictable, but the biggest surprise is how good it really is, particularly if you’re a fan of the genre. Like the underrated Open Range, Forsakenisn’t trying to reinvent the Western, it’s just proving why the genre has connected with audiences since the beginning of cinema.

Donald and Kiefer bring the hard emotions when they’re required to, but the film is elevated by an excellent supporting cast that includes Brian Cox, Demi Moore, and Michael Wincott (who deserves more roles like this). Despite the film expounding the virtues of pacifism, there are very few indicators that this is a Canadian production, which is an unfortunate yet valid compliment.


Trivia (IMDB)

The movie was shot at the CL Ranch of Calgary, Alberta right after Discovery Channel’s Klondike (2014) had wrapped, meaning the town had to be quickly transformed from a booming city circa 1890 to a not-so-booming town in the wild west circa 1870.

Forsaken 2015 town

Forsaken 2015 town 2

Reunites co-stars Kiefer Sutherland and Demi Moore who previously appeared together in A Few Good Men (1992).

Reunites Demi Moore and Donald Sutherland after their appearance in Disclosure (1994).

Forsaken 2015 saloon scene

Forsaken sutherlands 2

Kurt rides again …

26 Oct

MFW: some bill this movie as Horror … not Western.
Likely why it’s being released at Halloween.



IMDB ratingRT rating






bone tomahawk cast 2

bone tomahawk cast 3

bone tomahawk cast 4

bone tomahawk poster 2

bone tomahawk poster 4

bone tomahawk poster 3

bone tomahawk liner

Back shortly … gone stunting …

21 Oct

Apologizing for my lack of posting recently. I’ve been working most days and just didn’t have the time to do anything. Now I’m going away for 4 days.

But hang in there … I’m working on a ton of stuff and I’ll be back to normal shortly.

In the meantime I found this amazing documentary on Stunts in early films. It’s a bit long, but I think you’ll enjoy it. Have a look.


See y’all soon …

Buck Jones and those Old Time Theatre Palaces …

20 Oct

Buck Jones and the Old Time Theatres has turned into another Blog Monster – so huge that it could literally take dozens of posts to do it justice …

The Old Time Movie Theatres/Palaces

Buck Jones old time theatre

“art for art’s sake”

And Palaces they were. Do you Remember? Some lucky folks will. Others (mostly the young) may not.

Fortunately, a few of these incredible Movie Palaces still remain – have been saved. Unfortunately, most of them have been callously torn down.

Testifying to their beauty, those that still remain are now usually the domain of Fine Arts.

Beautiful indeed they were. The sensation. The atmosphere. The Grandeur …

Going to the Theatre in those days was a special event. The Names suggested so: The Grand, The Palace, The Ritz, The Royal … The Majestic … The Orpheom …

Outside, The Marques blazed – large and spectacular with lights and neon.

Inside – the Entrance – The Doors – plush carpeting – staircases – balconies – brass, mirrors, glitter, gold, lighting, chandeliers, curtains, soft music – everything was exquisite. Somebody really cared. And made you feel like royalty – a palace – a grand experience. Undeniable elegance. Here was an appreciation of Culture – Arts – and Craftsmanship – something to aspire to – and inspire us – as all great Art does.

Then there was the Program:

You’re were seated. Lights dim. Grand music swelling. The beautiful stage – the curtains slowly part …

First on the program you’d typically get a black and white Newsreel – news on the current War; the launching of the Titanic; the crash of the Hindenburg; a new motorcar; celebrity gossip; recent sports achievements; ??? – in these 5 to 10 minute reels. Then came the cartoon – sometimes three! Followed by previews of Upcoming Attractions. The pre-movie show was an entertainment experience in itself – often half an hour long – or more – before the curtains would close again … and then re-open. Now for the main attraction!

In this posting – for the sake of  brevity – I take the privilege of showcasing just a few of these marvelous theatres that we had in Canada.

Theatres of Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia

Royal Theatre - Victoria

The Royal Theatre is an opera house and concert hall located in Victoria, British Columbia. Opened in 1913, the theatre has operated under many guises, including cinema (1917–1981); operated during some of that time by Famous Players), opera, and concerts.The theatre was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1987.

Orpheum Theatre - Vancouver 2

Orpheum Theatre - Vancouver

The Orpheum is one of the most beautiful concert halls in North America, hosting Canadian and international musicians, lecture series, and unique events. The Orpheum is a designated National Heritage Site built in 1927 and refurbished in 2009.

Hard to believe they showed movies at these places/palaces isn’t it?

But they did.

Next: The Old Time Theatres of Alberta





A subspace anomaly … and other amazing stuff …

5 Oct

Yesterday 476 people looked at this Blog.
That’s an avalanche for me.

But why?

I didn’t post anything.

Was it  due to a comment I made on
Cindy Bruckman’s Blog ?
or Marilyn’s ‘Serendipity Blog‘ ?
or Mike’s Film Talk ?
or Rick’s SBI: a Thinning Crowd:
or Tim’s ‘Tim Neath Visual Artist
or Thom Hickey’s ‘The Immortal Jukebox

or all of these noble folks?

was it due the Blood Moon Eclipse?
blood moon eclipse

or a subspace anomaly?

Spock Cowboy

Image borrowed from the net …

Data Cowboy

Star Trek cowboys

Star Trek cowboys 2

Worf Cowboy

 I’ll probably never know …

Buck busted for Stunt Fraud !

1 Oct

if i didn’t have a dime / gene pitney

cowboy bar

Buck Jones busted for Stunt Fraud

Buck Jones Red RIder

Diligent investigative reporting by My Favorite Westerns has uncovered
Stunt Fraud in the 1934 Buck Jones Western Serial Red Rider!

Buck Jones Red RIder 2

Buck – arrested by MFW Stunt agents

Close scrutiny of photo images and the Serial clip clearly reveal
that Buck and his heroine riding Silver did not jump the yawning chasm as
they appear to have done in the clip! Zounds!

Buck Jones stunt fraud

Look closely and you will see that the dust from Buck’s steed does
not fall into the canyon – but instead alights on some invisible platform!
Indeed! The illusion of Buck jumping a chasm is achieved by
the clever splicing and overlaying of two separate images!
Buck is really merely jumping a ditch only 2 feet deep.

When confronted with the evidence, Jones responded:
“Only an idiot with risk the life of a young lady and his horse
by actually jumping across a chasm.”

Good point Buck.

But it was a nice illusion while it lasted.

colt bar

Coming up: The Movie Palaces

Buck and the Old Time Serials – Stunt 2

30 Sep

don’t let me down / Dillard & Clark

cowboy bar

Buck Jones / ‘Red Rider’ / 1934

Some of that ‘Extreme’ stuff you see these days has been going on
for a long time.

Here’s yet another ‘Cliff Hanger’ stunt (literally) from
Buck JonesRed Rider‘ serial / 1934.
You’ll notice that the Steed – with it’s 2 riders (whoever they were?)
barely make it across the chasm.
One has to wonder what happened when such stunts didn’t come off?

Buck Jones cliff jump 1 Buck Jones cliff jump 2 Buck Jones cliff jump 3 Buck Jones cliff jump 4 Buck Jones cliff jump 5 Buck Jones cliff jump 6 Buck Jones cliff jump 7 Buck Jones cliff jump 8 Buck Jones cliff jump 9 Buck Jones cliff jump 10 Buck Jones cliff jump 11 Buck Jones cliff jump 12 Buck Jones cliff jump 13 Buck Jones cliff jump 14 Buck Jones cliff jump 15

Buck Jones cliff jump 17

Clip below:

Jump scene occurs at about the 2 minute mark …

Rather amazing.

Next: The Movie Palaces

Buck and the Old Time Serials – in the Era of the Film Palaces

29 Sep

Them Dance Hall Girls / Fraser and Debolt

Buck Jones / ‘Red Rider’ / 1934

During the 30’s, Buck Jones made a few Movie Serials. One such was Red Rider.

 Buck Jones Red Rider title banner

Buck Jones Red Rider

Buck Jones Silver

Buck Jones Serial Red Rider 2

Buck Jones Serial Red Rider
Movie Serials first appeared in the 1910’s and were popular the right up into the late 50’s. These were usually about 15 (black and white) Episodes that were less than 10 minutes in length and shown at Saturday Matinees prior to the main attraction. They always had a ‘Cliff Hanger’ ending. – the idea being that you’d have to come back again next week to see what happened to your Hero.! Would Buck, survive the fall off that cliff?

Of course he would, but we wanted to see how?

These old time stunts were amazing. And dangerous. No wires or CGI.

Buck Jones old time stunt Buck Jones old time stunt 2 Buck Jones old time stunt 3 Buck Jones old time stunt 4 Buck Jones old time stunt 5

Sploosh !!

Buck Jones Red Rider teaser

This is why stuntman Richard Farnsworth
eventually formed the Stuntman’s Union.

Below: Buck takes the plunge …

colt bar

Those old time “Movie Palaces” ?

Buck Jones old time theatre

Coming right up …

Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1930 to 1940 Part 3

24 Sep

Time / Pozo Seco Singers

  Dear Western Movie Fans
I’ve been having a few problems with the blog. The main problem is that I make mistakes. Then I try to correct them – after the post has been posted. This then sends a new post out. Which I don’t wish to do most of the time unless the mistake is a big one. So I don’t know how to edit/correct the posts without that happening. I apologize. If you know the solution to that – which is likely very simple – I’ll be able correct things here without annoying you. Thank you kindly.
-Yours sincerely,
– My Favorite Westerns.

colt bar

Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1930 to 1940
Part 3

buck jones

Buck continues his notable ride through the early 30’s. We see romance – the ladies becoming prominent
in Buck’s movies and posters. As a kid, I wasn’t interested in that ‘mushy stuff’, but there was still plenty of action to keep me around.

1932 Sundown Rider

1932 Sundown Rider

The Calfornia Trail 1932

The Calfornia Trail 1932

Unknown Valley 1932

Unknown Valley 1932

Gordon of Ghost City 1933

Gordon of Ghost City 1933

Unknown Valley 1933

Unknown Valley 1933

The Fighting Code 1933

The Fighting Code 1933

The Fighting Ranger 1933

The Fighting Ranger 1934

The Man Trailer 1934

The Man Trailer 1934


Rocky Rhodes 1934

Rocky Rhodes 1934

buck jones 3

Buck Jones and Silver 


Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1930 to 1940 Part 4


Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1930 to 1940 Part 2

21 Sep

The Impossible Dream / Jackie Evancho

Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1930 to 1940
Part 2

See Buck rearing up 4 times on his wondrous Steed!
Yeee Haww!

Buck Jones

Ridin for Justice 1932

Ridin’ for Justice 1932

One Man Law 1932

One Man Law 1932

South of the Rio Grande 1932

South of the Rio Grande 1932

Hello Trouble 1932

Hello Trouble 1932

McKenna of the Mounted 1932

McKenna of the Mounted 1932

White Eagle 1932

White Eagle 1932 

White Eagle 1932 2

White Eagle 1932

Forbidden Trail 1932

Forbidden Trail 1932

Sundown Rider 1932

Sundown Rider 1932


Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1930 to 1940 Part 3



Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1930 to 1940 Part 1

20 Sep

Carry Me / The Stampeders

Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1930 to 1940 Part 1

Buck was hitting his stride in the 1930’s – averaging over 6 movies a year. And if we ever needed Western Heroes, it was during the ‘Dirty Thirties’ the Great Depression.
Buck was there to answer the call.
This manifested in some beautiful poster art.

The Lone Rider 1930

The Lone Rider 1930

Shadow Ranch 1930

Shadow Ranch 1930

Shadow Ranch 2 1930

Shadow Ranch 1930

The Dawn Trail 1930

The Dawn Trail 1930

Desert Vengeance 1931

Desert Vengeance 1931

Desert Vengeance 2 1931

Desert Vengeance 1931

The Avenger 1931

The Avenger 1931

The Texas Ranger 1931

The Texas Ranger 1931

The Fighting Sheriff 1931

The Fighting Sheriff 1931

buck jones branded 1931

Branded 1931 

Border Law buck jones 1930

Border Law / 1931

The Range Feud - Buck Jones 1931

The Range Feud – 1931

The Deadline Buck Jones 1930

I hope you can appreciate what I say about the Art quality
of these posters. Frameable stuff.

Buck’s poster collection from the 30’s is massive !
So I’m going to space them out a bit.
Otherwise I’ll have posts that are extremely long.


Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1930 to 1940 Part 2



Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1920 to 1930

17 Sep

i won’t back down / cash

Buck Jones Filmography / Posters
1920 to 1930

Buck was now making 7, 8 or 9 movies a year – production was swift in those days. Buck had achieved Top Bill/Stardom – his name is often larger and posted before the movie title. He was the draw. – but not necessarily as a Western Star. A good portion of the 42 films he is received credits for in the 1920’s were non-Westerns. In a lot of these films, Buck he was Billed as “Charles Jones” – and on at least a couple of occasions as “Charles ‘Buck’ Jones”. I’ve posted a couple of these non-Western here (“Big Dan”/1923) just because the posters are so darn nice.

1920 Two Moons

Two Moons (1920)

Big Dan - Buck Jones

Big Dan (1923)

The Circus Cowboy - 1924

The Circus Cowboy (1924)

Western Luck (1924)

Western Luck (1924)

Against All Odds (1924)

Against All Odds (1924)

The Man Who Played Square (1924)

The Man Who Played Square (1924)

Not revealed as a Western … but I do see a cowboy galloping there … ?

The Trail Rider (1925)

The Trail Rider (1925)

The Timber Wolf (1925)

The Timber Wolf (1925)

Durand of the Badlands (1925)

Durand of the Badlands (1925)

Lazybones (1925)

Lazybones (1925)

The Flying Horse (1925)

The Flying Horse (1925)

Desert Valley (1925)

Desert Valley (1925)

Hills of Peril (1927)

Hills of Peril (1927)

Good as Gold (1927)

Good as Gold (1927)

Chain Lightning (1927)

Chain Lightning (1927)

Black Jack (1927)

Black Jack (1927)

Blood will Tell (1927)

Blood will Tell (1927)

The Branded Sombrero (1928)

The Branded Sombrero (1928)

The Big Hop (1928)

The Big Hop (1928)

colt bar

Some nice stuff eh!
Way to go Buck!

Buck Jones Filmography 1920’s

1928 The Big Hop Buck Bronson
1928 The Branded Sombrero Starr Hallett
1927 Blood Will Tell Buck Peters
1927 Black Jack Phil Dolan
1927 Chain Lightning Steve Lannon
1927 Good As Gold Buck Brady
1927 Hills of Peril Laramie (as Charles ‘Buck’ Jones)
1927 Whispering Sage Buck Kildare
1927 The War Horse Buck Thomas
1926 Desert Valley Fitzsmith
1926 30 Below Zero Don Hathaway Jr.
1926 The Flying Horseman Mark Winton
1926 The Gentle Cyclone Absolem Wales
1926 A Man Four-Square Craig Norton
1926 The Fighting Buckaroo Larry Crawford
1926 The Cowboy and the Countess Jerry Whipple
1925 The Desert’s Price Wils McCann
1925 Lazybones Steve Tuttle, aka Lazybones (as Charles ‘Buck’ Jones)
1925 Durand of the Bad Lands Dick Durand
1925 Timber Wolf Bruce Standing
1925 Hearts and Spurs Hal Emory
1925 Gold and the Girl Dan Prentiss
1925 The Trail Rider Tex Hartwell
1925 Dick Turpin Crowd Extra (uncredited)
1925 The Arizona Romeo Tom Long
1924 The Man Who Played Square Matt Black
1924 Winner Take All Perry Blair
1924 The Desert Outlaw Sam Langdon
1924 Against All Odds Chick Newton
1924 Western Luck Larry Campbell (as Charles Jones)
1924 The Circus Cowboy Buck Saxon (as Charles Jones)
1924 The Vagabond Trail Donnegan (as Charles Jones)
1924 Not a Drum Was Heard Jack Mills (as Charles Jones)
1923 Cupid’s Fireman Andy McGee (as Charles Jones)
1923 Big Dan Dan O’Hara
1923 Hell’s Hole Tod Musgrave (as Charles Jones)
1923 Second Hand Love Andy Hanks (as Charles Jones)
1923 Skid-Proof Jack Darwin (as Charles Jones)
1923 The Eleventh Hour Brick McDonald (as Charles Jones)
1923 Snowdrift Carter Brent (as Charles Jones)
1923 The Footlight Ranger Bill Moreland (as Charles Jones)
1922 The Boss of Camp Four Chet Fanning (as Charles Jones)
1922 Bells of San Juan Roderick Norton (as Charles Jones)
1922 The Fast Mail Stanley Carson (as Charles Jones)
1922 West of Chicago Conroy Daly (as Charles Jones)
1922 Trooper O’Neill Trooper O’Neill (as Charles Jones)
1922 Roughshod ‘Steel’ Brannon (as Charles Jones)
1922 Western Speed Red Kane (as Charles Jones)
1922 Pardon My Nerve! Racey Dawson (as Charles Jones)
1921 Riding with Death ‘Dynamite’ Steve Dorsey (as Charles ‘Buck’ Jones)
1921 Bar Nothing Duke Smith
1921 To a Finish Jim Blake
1921 Straight from the Shoulder The Mediator
1921 Get Your Man Jock MacTier
1921 The One-Man Trail Tom Merrill
1921 The Big Punch Buck
1920 Two Moons Bill Blunt
1920 Just Pals Bim
1920 Sunset Sprague Sunset Sprague
1920 Firebrand Trevison Firebrand Trevison
1920 Square Shooter Chick Crandall
1920 The Spirit of Good Minor Role (as Buck Gebhart)
1920 Forbidden Trails Quinton ‘Squint’ Taylor
1920 The Last Straw Tom Beck
1920 The Cyclone Minor Role (as Buck Gebhart)


Buck Jones Filmography / Posters
1930 to 1940

Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown / Part 5

16 Sep

A Simple Song of Freedom / Buckwheat 1971

Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown / Part 5

Despite Jones impressive list of 168 Credits, most of his early work was as a Stuntman/Stunt Rider/Support Actor/Stunt double for Tom Mix, William Farnum, William S. Hart and others. No shame in that, but it did take a while for Buck to achieve Stardom. He paid his dues.

Photos/Pics of Jones are often confused with Photos/Pics of Tom Mix. They could almost have pass as brothers – so Jones probably made a pretty good Double for Mix. Even in photos sometimes the only way to tell them apart is that Tom Mix had a fairly large nose. Yup.

The Golden Age of Western Posters

The 50’s is often referred to the Golden Age of Westerns – as they achieved their height of popularity at that time. But I also I refer to the 20’s, 30’s and 40.s as the Golden Age of Western Posters – with many exceptional pieces of poster art being done during this time/era. 

Buck Jones Filmography / Posters
1910 to 1920

Between 1910 and 1920 Buck is credited with appearances in 27 Movies, Shorts or Documentaries – though some are unconfirmed. Most seem to have had no posters? or they are lost.

Existing Images:

Selfish Yates Hart

Buck was a “Member of the Posse” (uncredited)

Riders of the Purple Sage 1918

Riders of the Purple Sage (1918) – Cowboy (as Buck Gebhart)

Buck later changed his name from Buck Gebhart to Buck Jones.
Due to the First World War, German names were likely not too popular.

Riders of the Purple Sage 1918 2

Riders of the Purple Sage (1918) – Cowboy (as Buck Gebhart)

Riders of the Purple Sage 1918 3

Riders of the Purple Sage Cowboy (1918) – (as Buck Gebhart)

colt bar

The Rainbow Trail 1918

The Rainbow Trail (1918) – Cowboy (as Buck Gebhart)

Pretty skimpy. I couldn’t find many Buck Jones Poster images for this era. There could be plenty around ? but I didn’t locate them. But there’s some great stuff coming up.

colt bar

Buck Jones Filmography 1900 to 1920

1919 The Feud – Minor Role (as Buck Gebhart)
1919 The Cowboy and the Rajah – (Short)
1919 Cupid’s Roundup (Short) – (unconfirmed)
1919 The Speed Maniac – Minor Role (as Buck Gebhart)
1919 Brother Bill – (Short) as Roy Dexter
1919 Rough-Riding Romance – (as Buck Gebhart)
1919 When Pals Fall Out – (Short) Bill (uncredited)
1919 The Wilderness Trail – Indian (as Buck Gebhart)
1919 Shackles of Fate – (Short)
1919 The Puncher and the Pup – (Short)
1919 The Coming of the Law Henchman – (as Buck Gebhart)
1919 The Uphill Climb (Short) Rockcliffe Stone
1919 Pitfalls of a Big City – Minor Role (as Buck Gebhart)
1919 Vengeance and the Girl – (Short)
1919 Fighting for Gold – Cowboy (as Buck Gebhart)
1919 The Sheriff’s Son – Cowboy
1919 Hell’s Fury Gordon – (Short) (unconfirmed)
1919 The Two Doyles – (Short) Outlaw Henchman
1919 The Desert Rat – (Short) Standing Bear
1918 The Rainbow Trail – Cowboy (as Buck Gebhart)
1918 Riders of the Purple Sage – Cowboy (as Buck Gebhart)
1918 Selfish Yates – Member of the Posse (uncredited)
1918 True Blue – Cowboy (as Buck Gebhart)
1918 Western Blood – Cowboy (as Buck Gebhart)
1917 A Rough Shod Fighter
1914 The Outlaw Reforms – (Short) Bill (as Charles Gebhart)
1914 Life on the 101 Ranch, Bliss Oklahoma – (Short) Sergeant



Buck Jones Filmography / Posters
1920 to 1930

The Magnificent Seven 2016 … UPDATE

14 Sep

Denzel Washington – the Magnificent Seven Equalizer ??

“What do you see when you look at me?”

Yul Washington

“Oh, hell. If that’s all that’s holding things up, I’ll drive the rig.”
– Yul Brynner / The Magnificent Seven

Wikipedia: September 14, 2015 “The Magnificent Seven is an upcoming American Western directed by Antoine Fuqua, a remake of the 1960 western film of the same name. The film stars Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, Lee Byung-hun, Luke Grimes, Wagner Moura, Haley Bennett, Matt Bomer, and Peter Sarsgaard. Principal photography began on May 18, 2015, in the north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The film is set to be released on September 23, 2016.”

Denzel Washington gets the lead role of Chris formerly played by Yul Brynner in the 1960 film. I consider this to be a rather smart bit of casting. In my mind it completely circumvents the main problem of the remake: who are you going to cast that has enough Star Power who can measure up to Yul Brynner??! By choosing Washington – the black Superstar – for the the part it seems to approach the role from a completely different angle that deflects such judgements. Washington also has enough Star Power and acting chops to pull it off.

Despite having made plenty of Action movies in his career, this will be Washington’s first Western movie.

No trailers as of yet …

But what about the other 6 Sevens??

Well … here they are:

mag 7 2

mag 7 3

mag 7 4

Up to you to figure out who’s playing who … if indeed the former roles have any bearing. I think they will, but …

This is all I know so far.

I’ll try to keep an eye on things and hopefully we’ll have a preview trailer soon.

I still liked my own casting better:

Yul Brynner … TOM CRUISE

Brynner - Cruise


Steve McQueen - Viggo Mortenson

James Coburn … GUY PEARCE

James Coburn - Guy Pearce

Charles Bronson … WILLEN DAFOE

Charles Bronson - Willem Dafoe


Vaughn - Cumberbach


Brad Dexter - Brendan Fraser

Horst Buchholz AARON PAUL

Horst Buchholz - Aaron Paul


Eli Wallach - Antonio Banderas

… onward !!



Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown / Part 4

12 Sep

My Heroes have always been Cowboys / Willie Nelson

Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown / Part 4










Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown / Part 5

Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown Part 3

11 Sep

Post # 600 / My Favorite Westerns 
Like the old prospector said: “I really never counted on living this long.”

The Last Roundup / Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers

Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown / Part 3

A movie star for over 20 years – dying early at age 53.
Over 160 movies.

I couldn’t count the number of photos I found of Buck Jones. Must be hundreds. (If I had a nickel for every Buck … ) Too many to post here. They would cover pages. And most of them are excellent. Likewise, though I’m not certain how many – or where you’ll get them – many of his movies are still around. There are also several excellent bios and recollections of his work on Western websites and blogs. Buck is not unknown or forgotten in the Western fan fraternity.

I was finally able to locate another photo of Buck and Silver Buck rearing.
This time you can see Buck’s face though – but the photo is of poor quality.


Below are just some of the outstanding Publicity photos of Buck.








As you can see – excellent Publicity Images.
More to come.

Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown / Part 4


Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown Part 2

10 Sep

The Last of the Silver Screen Cowboys / Rex Allen Jr.
from the movie Rustlers’ Rhapsody (1985)

Buck and Silver Buck

I’ve seen Buck Jones‘ beautiful horse alternately identified as Silver or Silver Buck. I believe Silver Buck is his correct name.
Any way you call him – a beautiful mount.










Buck Jones / Steeds of Renown
Part 3

Steeds of Renown …

8 Sep

MFW Steeds of Renown 7

MFW Steeds of Renown 6

Steeds of Renown / Buck Jones Part 1

7 Sep

Buck Jones / Iconic Images / Steeds of Renown
Part 1

“In my pictures we never let up on the action. They’ve got as much movement as the silents. In the last one I rode a horse through a plate-glass window, and that’s the sort of thing pictures need.” – Buck Jones.

(MFW: Haven’t heard how Silver felt about that)


Buck and Silver

An interesting publicity photo – as the first in my series of Iconic Images of Western Stars rearing on their Steeds. Why interesting? Because you can’t see Buck’s face! He might as well be wearing sunglasses and a beard. Makes me wonder why they even released it? But it’s the only photo I could find of Buck rearing up on Silver. If you know of another, please send it over.

You no doubt noticed that Buck’s horse is called Silver – same name as the Lone Ranger’s famous horse. However, Silver was a fairly common name for white horses before the ‘Ranger showed up.

 Buck Jones – A Short Bio


Actor / Producer / Director / Writer 

Actor (168 movies) / Producer (23 credits) / Director (3 credits) / Writer (3 credits) / Self (8 credits)

Buck Jones (December 12, 1891 – November 30, 1942)
Birthname: Charles Frederick Gebhart
born on the outskirts of Vincennes, Indiana

From Wikipedia

  • In 1907, Jones joined the US Army a month after his sixteenth birthday. (His mother had signed a consent form that gave his age as eighteen)
    Was Assigned to the Philippines – October, 1907, served in combat and was wounded during the Moro Rebellion. Honorably discharged at Fort McDowell, California.
  • Had an affection for race cars. Worked extensively as a test driver for the Marmon Motor Car Company.
  • October 1910, re-enlisted in the US Army. Second honorable discharge from the Army in October 1913.
  • Began working as a cowboy on the 101 Ranch near Bliss, Oklahoma.
  • He was hired by Universal Pictures for $5 per day as a bit player and stuntman.
  • Later worked for Canyon Pictures, then Fox Film Corporation, eventually earning $40 per week as a stuntman. With Fox his salary increased to $150 per week.
  • Became a backup to Tom Mix. Led to his first starring role, The Last Straw (1920)
  • By 1925 Jones had more than 160 film credits to his name and joined Hoot Gibson, Tom Mix, and Ken Maynard as the top cowboy actors of the day.
  • 1928 started his own company, independently produced film The Big Hop (a non-Western) which failed.
  • Then organized a touring Wild West show – also failed due to the faltering economy of late 1929.
  • Talking pictures replacing silent films – and Westerns briefly fell out of favor.
  • Signed with then-humble Columbia Pictures for Westerns for $300 a week, a fraction of his top salary in the silent film days.
  • Re-establishing him as a major movie name. During the 1930s he starred in Western features and serials for Columbia and Universal Pictures.
  • His star fell again in the late 1930’s when singing cowboys became the rage.
  • He rejoined Columbia in 1940, starring in the serial White Eagle . The new serial was a hit. Jones was reestablished.
  • His final series of Western features, co-produced by Jones featured The Rough Riders trio: Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, and Raymond Hatton.
  • 1937, Jones starred in Hoofbeats, a 15-minute radio program.
  • Tragic Death: Buck Jones was one of the 492 victims of the 1942 Cocoanut Grove fire in Boston, Massachusetts. 

MFW: Buck Jones: An interesting and admirable man. An authentic cowboy who knew how to role with the punches – kept re-inventing himself with each shortfall – until his tragic end.




Buck Jones / Iconic Images / Steeds of Renown
Part 2





Iconic Images/Steeds of Renown

5 Sep

Stuck again …


A while back I got a bright idea to do a post on one of the most famous and Iconic Images of Early Westerns Film – the publicity shot of our Western Hero rearing up on his/her trusty Steed. Most every Star did one of these shots all the way from early Westerns right up to Roy Rogers, Zorro, The Cisco Kid and The Lone Ranger. I figure this would be an interesting and fun post. So I set about rounding up as many such images as I find and …. pretty soon I had a lot. A lot.

Bob Baker and Apache

And as I started to put this together, things got even more complicated. How could I just throw a pic of Buck Jones on the blog, for instance, without saying something about him? Especially since he’s not all that well known these days – unless you’re a real Western Movie buff. I just couldn’t do that. Buck Jones – or Bob Baker – Ken Maynard and others were all big Western Stars in their day – and interesting guys. They deserve more than just a passing pic in the wind.. Sooo I started to to put a couple of bios together. HAH! Soon I had so much material – and a lot of it was really good –  that this project went from being a mere pic post into an encyclopedia. A monster had emerged.

So this is where I am.

Not where I planned to B.

John Wayne

But it could be a bit of fun …

Island … 2015

3 Sep

Vancouver Island  1

Vancouver Island 2

Vancouver Island 3

Vancouver Island 4

Vancouver Island 5

Vancouver Island 6

Vancouver Island 7

Vancouver Island 8

Vancouver Island 9

Vancouver Island 10

Vancouver Island 11

Vancouver Island 12

Vancouver Island 13

Vancouver Island 14

Vancouver Island 15

Vancouver Island 16

Vancouver Island 17

Vancouver Island 18

Vancouver Island 19

Vancouver Island 20



Old Friends … Paul Williams and Jack Jones

31 Aug

That’s What Friends are For – Written by Paul Williams
– Sung by Jack Jones

After (literally) years of searching I was finally able to get this song:
That’s What Friends are For
written by Paul Williams and sung by Jack Jones.

A brilliant and beautiful song and a truly inspired interpretation by Jack Jones.

Jack Jones

Jack … still singing … a true artist.

John Allan Jones
(born January 14, 1938),
known by his stage name Jack Jones, is an American jazz and pop singer, popular during the 1960s. Jones was primarily a straight pop singer (even when he recorded contemporary material) whose ventures in the direction of jazz were mostly of the big band/swing variety. Jones won two Grammy Awards. He continues to perform concerts around the world and remains popular in Las Vegas. Jones is widely known for his recordings of “Wives and Lovers” (1964 Grammy Award, Best Pop Male Performance), “The Race Is On”, “Lollipops and Roses” (1962, Grammy Award, Best Pop Male Performance), “The Impossible Dream”, “Call Me Irresponsible”, “Lady”,
and “The Love Boat Theme”.
He is also the voice of Greg’s frog in the cartoon network miniseries Over The Garden Wall (2014).

That’s What Friends are For is on Jack’s 1974 album Harbour:

Jack Jones Harbour 1974

I don’t know much about what ever else is on that album, but
if it’s half as good as this, it’s great stuff.

Paul Williams

Thanks Paul

Paul Hamilton Williams, Jr.
(born September 19, 1940) is an American composer, singer-songwriter, and actor.
He is perhaps best known for popular songs performed by a number of acts in the 1970s including Three Dog Night’s rendition of “An Old Fashioned Love Song”, Helen Reddy’s “You and Me Against the World”, David Bowie’s “Fill Your Heart”, and the Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” and “Rainy Days and Mondays”, as well as his contributions to films, such as writing the lyrics to the #1 chart-topping “Evergreen”, the love theme from A Star Is Born, starring Barbra Streisand, for which he won a Grammy for Song of the Year and an Academy Award for Best Original Song; and “Rainbow Connection” from The Muppet Movie. He also wrote the lyrics to the opening theme for The Love Boat, with music previously composed by Charles Fox,
which was originally sung by Jack Jones, and later, by Dionne Warwick.

He has also had a variety of high-profile acting roles such as Little Enos Burdette in the 1977 action-comedy Smokey and the Bandit, and as the villainous Swan in Brian De Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise (which Williams also co-scored, receiving an Oscar nomination in the process), as well as television, theater, and voice-over work for animation.

Paul Williams and Barbra Steisand

Paul with the Legendary Barbra Steisand


If Paul or Jack had never done anything else but this song
that would still be enough for me.

my favorite westerns …

27 Aug




Island Excursion: The Caribou Gold Rush … Part 2

24 Aug

Santy Anno / The Kingston Trio

Gold Rush! El Dorado in BC

Most people were just shoveling gravel and whistling Dixie.
It was not glorious.


Law and Order … 


Gold and Guns 1

Self enforcement …

Gold and Guns

Your weight in Gold ??

Your weight in gold

With a little help from a nearby rail … 

Your weight in gold 2

I’m worth $1,352,949 more than Rose.
(The only time I can think that it would actually Pay to be fat)

Barkerville British Columbia

Barkerville, British Columbia / Caribou Mountains

Barkerville British Columbia 2

Quesnel British Columbia

Quesnel, British Columbia 


Romantic I tell ya. 

Island Excursion: The Caribou Gold Rush … Part 1

24 Aug

Gold Rush! El Dorado in BC

Gold Fever

On our recent (short) Vancouver Island holiday, Rose got wind of an exhibit at the Royal Victoria Museum called Gold Rush! El Dorado in BC. 

I knew this would be an excellent exhibit about an important – and one of Canada’s greatest Western events – The Caribou Gold Rush.

What would US and Canadian history be like without the several gold rushes that opened up the Western territories? Very different I assure you. Not many ‘gold rushers’ found gold, but they poured into these unsettled territories – thus settling and opening up the great Western wilderness.

Victoria BC Royal Museum - Gold Rush

Signs of Gold 2

In any language, Gold is Gold.

Signs of Gold

First you get to see an impressive IMAX presentation

Gold Rush Imax

Gold in British Columbia


O what to do with all this gold …


I can think of a couple of things …


Bill Reid

The Caribou Gold Rush … Part 2


Win 10 experience …

21 Aug

After a two day tussle with Windows 10 I discover that there is no fix for my problem – whereby my system occasionally freezes up. Windows 10 is not compatible with my Motherboard and at present there are no Drivers to remedy this. Therefore I will likely go back to Windows 7. There is a built in component that will allow me to do so.

This being said, I haven’t enough experience with Win 10 to recommend it or to piss on it. I’m guessing it will work OK for most people – though I note a great many users are flooding MS with issues. Typically.

At your own risk. win 10

Win some … Lose some

here we go again …

20 Aug


win 10 broken

Finally got my computer back from the infirmary …

Installed Windows 10 …

System locks up. Can’t even access Task Manager.

Upon reboot I get this: “Asus (Motherboard) setup: Does not support this operating system WNT_6.2H_64”

My tech says this is a Windows 10 problem. Uh huh.

In the process of contacting Microsoft …

Wish me luck.

computer cowbot

You might be faster’n me …  but I’m likely more persistent.

computer cowboy

 “Hmmmm … cow L92 is in pasture J4 … “

Back from the Island …

17 Aug

Got back from Vancouver Island Saturday afternoon …




My computer is in the infirmary.
Hope to have it back in a couple of days …

Then I can do something.

Sabino Canyon, Arizona

7 Aug

Heading over to Vancouver Island tomorrow – for a week.
Thought I’d throw this post up before we go.
See you in a week.

road runner

On our Arizona Holiday a few people suggested we check out
Sabino Canyon.
So we did.

Sabino Canyon map

It’s a large area.

Sabino Canyon topographical map

Topographical Map.

Sabino Canyon

The road to the Canyon – Scouting it out – it’s up there somewhere …

Sabino Canyon Saguaros 3

Rose and Saguaro Cactus

Sabino Canyon Saguaros 4

Sabino Canyon looking around

We liked what we saw … and decided to come back the next day.

road runner

The next day:

Sabino Canyon ... ready to go

Ready to go …

There’s a few ways to get up Sabino Canyon:
Walk, Jog, Bike … or the Geezer Tram.

Sabino Canyon Tram

Aboard the Geezer Tram

Sabino Canyon Tram 1

Sabino Canyon on the way up

There’s a few places you can jump out if you want
… but we went to the top.

Sabino Canyon Tram at the top

At the top …

Then you can hike back down via several trails …

Sabino Canyon at the top


Sabino Canyon at the top 2

Sabino Canyon Tram and High Trail

Tram below and the High Trail in the background.

Sabino Canyon - Geezer and cactus

Sabino Canyon and guide

Rose and out Guide.

This guy jogged all the way back down. Yup.

Sabino Canyon the road back

Sabino Canyon water

There’s water in the canyon … but you’d better bring some with you.

Sabino Canyon sign

Sign says:
“Warning: Sabino Canyon is a natural area with inherent dangers.
Be cautious of
– Falling rocks
– Venomous wildlife
– Sudden storms and lightning
– Flash floods

road runner

Hiking down …

Sabino Canyon oasis

Looks inviting doesn’t it?

Sabino Canyon waterhole

Sabino Canyon dip

It is.

Sabino Canyon dip 2

Sabino Canyon - Rose in the water

Sabino Canyon - Ah Yes ...

Life is tuff.

Sabino Canyon - loving the water

Heading back …

Sabino Canyon - tram

Have a nice day.

Hitchbot backup pressed into action …

3 Aug

Hitchbot II 


“Hitchbot II is not really street tested yet,
but we’re confident there will be no more … incidents.”

Hitchbot brutally slain in Philadelphia …

3 Aug


July 27, 2014 – August 2, 2015

The loveable (?) (OK, likeable) hitchhiking robot Hitchbot met his brutal demise whilst sitting on a public bench in Philadelphia, US of A – the City of Brotherly Love. Love, evidently not extended to mechanical entities – even as harmless as Hitchbot.

From the Official Website:

hitchBOT | A robot exploring the world\

“hitchBOT’s trip came to an end last night in Philadelphia after having spent a little over two weeks hitchhiking and visiting sites in Boston, Salem, Gloucester, Marblehead, and New York City. Unfortunately, hitchBOT was vandalized overnight in Philadelphia; sometimes bad things happen to good robots.  We know that many of hitchBOT’s fans will be disappointed, but we want them to be assured that this great experiment is not over. For now we will focus on the question “what can be learned from this?” and explore future adventures for robots and humans.”



Below: the broken and mutilated body of poor Hitchbot
lies in a Philadelphia gutter.


Someone swore they could Hitchbot mumbling “Cecil … Cecil … “

Rest in Peaces Hitch

Funeral Services dates will be announced
as soon as all his parts have been recovered.

Hitchbot at Fenway BallPark

Hitchbot at Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers game on Friday, July 24, in Boston

Above: Hitchbot at Fenway
Below: Hitchbot’s Bucket List

hitchbot's bucket list

Sadly … only partially realized …

Slow West … revisited

30 Jul

slow west posters Wasn’t really sure what to expect from this movie. I just hoped it was good. It did keep my interest up. But it’s definitely not a conventional ‘old style’ Western. At times it almost seems like a stream of disjointed surrealistic vignettes – some violent – some humorous. I wasn’t surprised by the ending. One thing I did notice though, was an unusual weapon that used in one scene. A particular rifle that I recognized right away – from one of My Favorite Westerns. It’s used by a bounty hunter in one of the concluding scenes: Below: Do you recognize it?

slow west unpacking the weapon

Well … lookie here.

You may not recall it’s Make, but if you’re a Western fan you may well recall where you saw it before.

slow west the rifle

Recognize it?

slow west the rifle 2

Ka boooom !!!

slow west Sharps 1874 Model Rifle

That’s the rifle. So where have we seen this before?

Why right here …

quigley down under poster

quigley down under banner

Quigley Down Under

Yep … same gun.

Quigley Down Under 3

Ka boooom !!!

Quigley Down Under 2

Even sounds the same.

Sharps 1874 Model Rifle bar

Old Tucson Studios: Part 76

29 Jul

Ripple / Grateful Dead

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar

The Grand Finale of the ongoing entertainment at Old Tucson Studios
is a stunt show. Stunt Set Below:

Old Tucson Studios Stunt Set

Old Tucson Studios Stunt Men

The Stunt Actors make their entrance.

Old Tucson Studios Stuntman

Whipped cream ?

Sadly, none of our stunt photos turned out …  Grrrr.

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar

Old Tucson Studios Old Set

Old Tucson Studios Train Station

Old Tucson Studios Train ride

Here she comes !

Old Tucson Studios Signpost

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar

Old Tucson Studios Stage

Old Tucson Studios Real Train

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar

Old Tucson Studios Camera Boom

We’re rolling …

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar

Old Tucson Studios Crooked Creek Chapel

Crooked Creek Chapel / Old Tucson Studios

Old Tucson Studios Church Altar

Old Tucson Studios Church

Psalm 23
A psalm of David.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for his name’s sake.
Even though I walk
through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
Surely your goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar


Old Tucson Studios: Part 38

24 Jul

Is this taking a long time? or is it just me?
Well, the fantasy sail on the Bluenose schooner (the only item on my Bucket List) was a nice diversion. 

 Now back to Arizona HolidayOld Tucson Studios.

The Hanging Tree / Norton Buffalo

 Somebody at Old Tucson Studios had a great idea: make a nice picnic oasis rest area for visitors
– with a waterfall, a pond, and a some shelter.
So they did.

Old Tucson Studios Oasis

Old Tucson Studios Oasis 2

Old Tucson Studios Oasis 3

Old Tucson Studios Oasis 4

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar

Old Tucson Studios mine

Rose on the steam drill

Old Tucson Studios gallows

A poor hiding place

Old Tucson Studios sheriff

Good thing I know the Sheriff

Old Tucson Studios foot massage

Have a seat – Tenderfoot’s delight

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar

Old Tucson Studios Chinese Alley

Old Tucson Studios Chinese Alley 2

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar

Old Tucson Studios Pottery

Old Tucson Studios  El Toro

Old Tucson Studios Rose's Cantina

Rose’s Cantina

Old Tucson Studios Blacksmith

Old Tucson Studios Blacksmith 2

Old Tucson Studios Rose's jail

Old Tucson Studios Posters

Old Tucson Studios Signs

Now what ?

Old Tucson Studio Star Bar

New Western coming … The Revenant

19 Jul

The Revenant

Coming / December

The Revenant 3

The Revenant 2



The Revenant

The Revenant 4

Official Site:

for bringing this to my attention

To the sea again …

14 Jul

A Dedication to Marilyn and Garry of Serendipity Blog

May your sails be full
and a fair wind blowin’ …


Sea Fever

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way, where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.

– John Masefield, 1913


Bluenose II … to the sea again !!

14 Jul

Some people might think that nuthin’ happens up here in Canada
– that we have no passion, no love, no lore …
But oh, they’d be so wrong.
So wrong !

Bluenose – Stan Rogers


The Bluenose has got it’s new masts installed, fixed it’s rudder, passed it’s Sea Trials, chastised the bureaucrats,
and is ready to sail !!




Bluenose II to be open for public tours
Published July 7, 2015 – 1:47pm

“LUNENBURG, Nova Scotia — The Bluenose II will be available for public tours on Saturday after undergoing a major restoration.

Members of the public will be able to tour the ship after it sails into the harbour in Lunenburg and before it begins offering sailing harbour tours on July 19.

The vessel is a replica of the original Bluenose, the 1921 Grand Banks fishing schooner that won worldwide acclaim for its graceful lines and speed.”

And for being the fastest schooner in the world for 18 years!




I didn’t plan on a page for the Bluenose
But it was a fair day … and the wind caught me sail …

Calglary Stampede 2015 …

13 Jul

The Winners … Texans and Albertans cash in …

Calgary Stampede 2015 buckle

Calgary Stampede 2015 view

2015 Bareback Champ

Clint Laye from Cadogan, Alberta.

Clint Laye Bareback Champ

Clint Laye Bareback Champ 2

Clint Laye Bareback Champ 3

Clint Laye Bareback Champ 4

cowboy bar

2015 Bull Riding Champ

Sage Kimzey of Strong City, Oklahoma.

Bull Riding Sage Kimzey

Bull Riding Sage Kimzey 2

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2015 Saddle Bronc Champ

Zeke Thurston of Big Valley, Alberta

Saddle Bronc Zeke Thurston

Saddle Bronc Zeke Thurston 2

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2015 Barrel Racing Champ

Lisa Lockhart  from Oelrichs, South Dakota.

Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing Lisa Lockhart  from Oelrichs, South Dakota.

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2015 Steer Wrestling Champ

Trevor Knowles from Mt. Vernon, Oregon.
Has won the Steer Wrestling 4 times.
Trevor Knowles from Mt. Vernon, Oregon.
Trevor Knowles from Mt. Vernon, Oregon. 2
Trevor Knowles from Mt. Vernon, Oregon. 3
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2015 Calf Roping Champ

Timber Moore from Aubrey, Texas.

Timber Moore Calf Roping Champ

Timber Moore Calf Roping Champ 2

Timber Moore Calf Roping Champ 3

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Novice Bronc Riders Take Trophies

Novice Riders

Photo by Mike Copeman

Hometown favorite Connor Hamilton rode his way to the novice bareback riding bronze at the Stampede, after making an 80 point ride Saturday, to go along with the 75.5 from earlier in the Stampede. The former Junior A hockey player only took up rodeo recently, so it was quite an accomplishment to take the title at his first Stampede. Lane Cust of Ardmore claimed the novice saddle bronc honors in his third Stampede appearance, after making a stellar 82 point on his first horse, and then adding in a 77.5 in the Finals.

Story by Dianne Finstad

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2015 Chuckwagon Race Champ

Kurt Bensmiller wins back to back Championship

Chuckwagon Champ

Kurt Bensmiller (Tsuu T’ina Nation)

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Calgary Stampede 2015 midway

Stevie Wonder

Omar … Cowboy

12 Jul

Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif


Omar Sharif acted in 2 unusual Westerns. If fact they are so unusual
that some may debate they are Westerns at all.

Mackenna’s Gold (1969)

McKenna's Gold poster

I like MacKenna’s Gold. Why? Precisely because it is so unusual.
Plus it’s Star Power: Sharif, Gregory Peck, Telly Savalas, Keenan Wynn.
Julie Newmar, Lee J. Cobb, Raymond Massey, Burgess Meredith, 
Anthony Quayle, Edward G. Robinson, Eli Wallach


MGM screen logo

McKenna's Gold screen shot

McKenna's Gold Reviews

McKenna's Gold Omar Sharif

Hidalgo Bar

Omar’s second unusual Western is

Hidalgo (2004)


Hidalgo Bar

I love this movie and find it very re-watchable. I couldn’t understand
some of the unfavorable reviews ???
Omar’s role is a support role – not large. But he’s excellent – as usual.
Ride on Omar!

Old Tucson Studios: Part 6

9 Jul

The Streets of Laredo / Michael Murphy
Arizona Cowboys

Old Tucson Studios

Old Tucson Studios

Old Tucson Studios Wells Fargo

Old Tucson Studios  Trail Ride

Old Tucson Studios Stables 2

Old Tucson Studios Stables 3

Old Tucson Studios No Whining

Old Tucson Studios Stables

Old Tucson Studios Saddle Maker

Rio Bravo

Next: Old Tucson Studios: Part 7

Mysteries and Memories …

9 Nov

Source: Mysteries and Memories …


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